What to Bring To a Party Bus Rental: 9 Essentials

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It’s fair to say that people in American like to party. The country’s home to around 62,500 nightclubs and bars that, according to the same source, generate $24 billion in revenue per annum. Clearly, all over the country, people love nothing more than grabbing a drink, letting their hair down, and hitting the dance floor. […]

7 Ultimate Bachelor Party Bus Tips for a Fun Night

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Interestingly, 12% of people don’t know the full story behind their significant other’s bachelor party. Bachelor parties are known for their crazy stories and partying trips. However, how does one plan such an event?  With this guide, you can learn how to plan a bachelor party. From choosing the best bus rental to organizing a […]

7 Benefits of Party Buses for Your Next Event

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Drunk driving crashes account for over 10,000 lives lost each year in the United States. To stay safe on the road, many people hire a designated driving service. But have you ever thought about renting a party bus? Renting a party bus for friends or family is the perfect solution for special events. Plus, there […]

Tips When Renting a Party Bus

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Birthdays, anniversaries, concerts: Any occasion is the perfect occasion for renting a party bus. One of the biggest perks of party buses is keeping your group together in one vehicle. If there’s drinking involved in your outing, the party bus lets everyone partake and eliminates the temptation to drive drunk. Plus, party buses are just […]

Exciting Party Bus Theme Ideas & Activities for Non-Stop Fun

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Party buses carry a bad reputation as just transportation for drunk people and their shenanigans. But actually, party buses can be so much more.  There are many fun things you can do when it comes to renting a party bus as long as you get creative. You can look into interesting party bus themes to […]

Party Bus vs Limo: Which Option is Best for Your Next Event?

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Special occasions are the perfect time to treat yourself. If you’re budgeting for an upcoming event, why not set aside some money for transportation? Whether you’re heading to a wedding reception or a concert, a limousine or party bus can get you there in style.  Making the Right Choice for Your Special Event Transport Choosing […]

7 Exciting Limo Party Ideas for Ultimate Fun

Limo Party Ideas

Party on wheels! This seems to be a trend all over the world. People love the idea of being mobile while partying and there really is no other vehicle perfect for such an activity other than limousines or party buses. If you’re thinking about having a limo party (or several limo parties) this year, here […]

Book a Bergen County Limo Service for Family Weekend Fun

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You’ve been working hard for the last few weeks. You go to work before the kids are off to school and when you get home, they’re already asleep. This weekend, why not make up for some of the time lost and spend quality time with the whole family? You don’t need to venture too far […]

11 Reasons to Hire a Party Bus for a Teen’s Birthday Party

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When you’re a parent making preparations for your teenager’s upcoming birthday party (Sweet Sixteen, perhaps), there are sure to be a number of things going through your mind—some may be pleasant, while others may range from mildly to significantly worrisome. For one, you want your beloved child to have a party that they can enjoy […]

6 Clever Ideas for a Party Using a New Jersey Limousine Service

Limo parties are incredibly popular nowadays. Generally, everybody loves the idea of a limo party, but the biggest fans are tweens and teenswho find stretch limos super elegant and just the perfect size for their group of friends. Plus, with the help of their parents, there are all sorts of possibilities they can explore for […]

Why Hire a Wedding Party Bus

When your big day — the day you say “I do” to the most special someone in your life — is just months away, one of the most important arrangements you need to make is securing the bridal car. Some couples will want to use their own vehicle to bring the bride to the church […]