Party Bus vs Limo: Which Option is Best for Your Next Event?

October 12, 2019
rent a party bus

Special occasions are the perfect time to treat yourself. If you’re budgeting for an upcoming event, why not set aside some money for transportation?

Whether you’re heading to a wedding reception or a concert, a limousine or party bus can get you there in style. 

Should you rent a party bus or limo? The answer depends on your specific needs. Where are you going, and how many people are you bringing along?

What kind of vibe do you want to give off? Are you looking to come across as professional and classy or ready to party? 

Keep reading to determine if you need to rent a party bus or limo for your next event. 

When You Should Rent a Party Bus

There are a lot of celebrations where renting a party bus would make sense. 

A party bus is a logical transportation choice for bachelor or bachelorette parties. They can hold up to 30 people, just enough for all your best friends and family members. 

Are you looking to make a 21st birthday party memorable? Enjoy a few hours of an on-the-go party in our 30-person party bus. The strobe lighting and wet bar are sure to ensure a good night for everyone. 

Party buses are great for younger kid’s birthdays, too. Imagine having a contained space for all the mess-makers without having to clean up afterward? The gamers in the crowd can even hook up their systems to the TV to video game on the go. 

When You Should Rent a Limo

Most celebrities arrive at big events with their entourage in a stretch limo. It only makes sense you’d do the same when arriving at your big events.

Are you tying the knot soon? Taking a limo to your wedding ceremony and reception lets everyone know you’re a big deal.  

If you’re already married, consider renting a limo for your next big anniversary. Your chauffeur will ensure you two have a romantic night. Imagine driving through the city and cozying up in the back seat with a bottle of wine.

Limos are the perfect transportation option for high school graduations and prom nights. Your child and their friends will feel like a million bucks arriving at their party in style. 

Maybe you have tickets to see your favorite band, and you want to make a night of it. Rent a limo for a few hours to cruise the city before being dropped off in style at the venue. 

A limousine is a perfect choice if you are looking for transportation for a small corporate event. They provide world-class comforts and luxuries with a professional vibe. 

Limos are a great choice if you’re traveling somewhere with a smaller party. Most limos can hold between six and 18 people only. 

Why a Party Bus?

Party buses can hold more people than a limousine and provide a very different vibe. They are made for nights out on the town where drinking and music play a large role. Some even come with a stripper pole for when the alcohol starts taking effect, and the right song comes on.

Many buses are outfitted with unique amenities that limos don’t have. Look for things like mood lighting, DVD players, and even a personal in-bus DJ or bartender. 

A party bus is the best choice for a group looking to have a good night on the town. They’re perfect for your kid’s 10th birthday party, a friend’s 21st, or your bachelorette party

Why a Limousine? 

Limousines have long been a symbol of wealth and power. It used to be that only the rich and famous could afford to use them. But thanks to limo and executive car rentals, any layperson can treat themselves. 

If you want a taste of luxury for your next special event, you need to consider renting a limo. You’ll be turning heads wherever you go amid the whispers of onlookers wondering which celebrity is in their city. 

Limos are a classy mode of transportation reserved for more fancy events. They provide a taste of luxury and allow passengers to enjoy their ride in grandeur. 

They’re large enough to provide plenty of room for your passengers. But still small enough to remain intimate and cozy. This makes limos perfect for smaller celebrations. 

Party Bus VS Limo: Make Your Decision

Now that you know the benefits of renting these vehicles, you need to decide which will work best. If you’re still undecided, here are some things to consider.

Party Size

How many people will be riding alongside you?

Remember, the more people you have, the squishier it’ll be in the limo. That’s okay for a tight-knit group of friends, but it might be awkward for coworkers. 


What message are you trying to convey with your transportation choice? Make sure your choice reflects the vibe you’re going for.

It would be inappropriate to rent a party bus with a stripper pole to go to a professional meeting.

Limos tend to feel more luxurious, like your pampering your guests. If you want to make an impression of class, this is the route to take. 

If you’re looking to party hard, a party bus is a no-brainer. But it might be too outlandish for a wedding party to arrive in a bus that’s pumping fog and blasting music. 

Ride in Style

Limos and party buses aren’t practical modes of transportation for everyday errands. But it’s reasonable to rent one for special events and occasions. 

Consider renting a limo for classy occasions where a luxurious ride is an ultimate goal. Rent a party bus for wild nights on the town where the tunes will need to be bumping, and the drinks free-flowing. 

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