Exciting Party Bus Theme Ideas & Activities for Non-Stop Fun

November 1, 2019
party bus themes

Party buses carry a bad reputation as just transportation for drunk people and their shenanigans. But actually, party buses can be so much more. 

There are many fun things you can do when it comes to renting a party bus as long as you get creative. You can look into interesting party bus themes to wow your friends and give them a great time without the alcohol. 

If you’re interested in renting a party bus to do things other than drinking, then keep reading for 10 fun ideas!

10 Fun Party Bus Activities


You will have lots of time in between traveling to play board games or card games with your party guests.

There are many different kinds of games you can play on a party bus. You could play Apples to Apples, Old Maid, Go Fish, or even Cards Against Humanity depending on the crowd. 

If your party bus has tables, then you should have no problem playing any board game of your liking. But if it doesn’t have tables, then you may find it easier to stick to card games or by finding the digital version of games for you and your guests.  


If your party consists of mostly women, then a fun game to play would be What’s in Your Purse?

The majority of women carry around a purse loaded with tons of the most random things. Come up with a list of items that may or may not be in your party-goers’ purses. 

They will then have to race to try and find all the items in their purse. At the end, you can see who carries around the most outrageous items. It will definitely be an interesting and action-packed game to play with your friends.  


Instead of drinking alcohol, your friends may enjoy eating snacks during travel time.

You can come up with fun theme snacks that go along with your party bus theme. Make sure to check out your party bus’ rules when it comes to bringing along food. 

You could supply your guests with pizza, quesadillas, a vegetable tray, or many more options. You just want to make sure that it is easy to eat on the go. Another option could be to bring along healthy snacks for all your guests so they can get the most nourishment in between locations. 


Another fun thing to do on a party bus is to play trivia.

You can find tons of trivia questions in different genres to ask your friends. Depending on how competitive your friends are, this game could get a bit heated. 

You can have everyone play solo or pick teams. Any way you do it, your party guests will love trying to beat each other in answering trivia questions. 


Make sure to create the best playlist filled with lots of music that your friends can dance to.

You don’t need alcohol to have a good time when it comes to dancing.

Grab your best friend and start busting a move so others join. 


Going along with your theme, you’re going to want lots of decorations to get your guests in the mood.

You can go all out with the decorations depending on your party bus rules. Another fun thing to do is make your snacks pretty so they look like decorations. 

If you’re going out for Halloween, then tons of spooky Halloween decorations would be a great idea. You could even almost turn your party bus into a mini haunted house for the night. Your guests will be spooked with the great decorations. 


If your friends are feeling confident, then you may want to whip out the microphone and start doing karaoke in between destinations.

They can do this in groups or by themselves. 

Your friend may be interested in prepping musical numbers to perform in front of each other. They may even have fun pretending to be judges and deciding who sings the best when it comes to karaoke. 


You may remember an easy and fun childhood game called Telephone.

Everyone would sit in a circle with one person starting by whispering a phrase in the person’s ear beside them and then they would continue the chain. 

This game will bring back plenty of childhood memories and your friends will love playing it today. You can start at the front of the bus with a simple phrase and see how it changes between each person. 


Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore!

There are plenty of adult coloring books that you can provide for your guests. Coloring is a great stress reliever and also a good conversation starter. 

You can color while catching up with your friends. It will help you to destress in between events depending on what you’re doing. 


When choosing a theme for your party bus, there are many different options.

If you’re renting a party bus for a birthday celebration, then there are many different routes you can choose when it comes to your party bus theme. 

Party Bus Theme Ideas to Elevate Your Celebration

Party buses offer a versatile and exciting space to host memorable events beyond the typical drinking scene. Embrace creativity and fun by exploring these unique party bus theme ideas that will wow your friends and create lasting memories.

1. Casino Night

Transform the party bus into a mini-casino with card tables, roulette wheels, and slot machines. Your guests can enjoy playing various casino games, compete for fun prizes, and experience the thrill of a casino night on wheels.

2. Masquerade Ball

Encourage your guests to don elegant masks and formal attire for a glamorous masquerade ball on the party bus. With dim lighting and enchanting decorations, everyone will feel like they’ve stepped into a sophisticated and mysterious affair.

3. Hawaiian Luau

Turn the party bus into a tropical paradise with Hawaiian decorations, leis, and vibrant colors. Dance the hula, sip on fruity drinks, and enjoy the island vibes as you celebrate in a Hawaiian luau style.

4. 80’s Retro Party

Take your guests back to the 80s with neon lights, disco balls, and iconic retro decorations. Play the best hits of the era, and encourage everyone to dress up in their best 80s fashion for a groovy and nostalgic party.

5. Gatsby Glam

Transport your guests to the extravagant world of The Great Gatsby with elegant decor, flapper dresses, and jazz music. Recreate the roaring 20s ambiance and immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of the golden age.


In conclusion, party buses offer so much more than just a venue for alcohol-fueled revelry. With a little creativity, you can turn your party bus into an exciting hub of fun and entertainment for you and your friends. From thrilling games and dance parties to themed decorations and karaoke sessions, the possibilities are endless. Embrace the idea of party bus themes and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

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