Tips to Finding a Good Party Bus When You Plan a Bachelor Party

February 9, 2020
plan a bachelor party

Interestingly, 12% of people don’t know the full story behind their significant other’s bachelor party. Bachelor parties are known for their crazy stories and partying trips. However, how does one plan such an event? 

With this guide, you can learn how to plan a bachelor party. From choosing the best bus rental to organizing a wild night, bachelor parties are meant to be fun and exciting for all!  

Now, are you ready to start partying? Here’s how to plan the perfect bachelor party: 

How to Choose the Best Bus Rental Company 

Choosing a rental company can be difficult, especially with all the choices that are available. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll find a reputable company in no time.

Look at Reviews 

In selecting a bus rental company, make sure to read reviews about their services. Also, look to see how many successful bachelor parties they have had and read about party mishaps. It’s important to be informed about a company’s reputation, especially when it involves a bachelor party. 

Check the Bus

It’s surprising how many people overlook this crucial detail; however, before you order a party bus, make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Do you see any signs of neglect like uncleaned cushions or detect a foul-smelling odor? Also, make sure the bus has dark tinted windows that can ensure both you and your guest’s privacy.

Review Terms and Conditions 

During a bachelor party, you might want to engage in activities such as smoking weed, consuming alcohol, or eliciting adult entertainment. However, rental companies often have terms and conditions about what they won’t allow guests to do inside the bus. It’s best to read them over to learn what is and isn’t allowed by the rental company standards.  

Also, if someone in your party is found breaking those conditions, what is the penalty? Will you have to pay an additional fee, or will you be escorted from the bus? It’s important to understand what the company policies are. 

4 Tips for Planning a Party Bus Bachelor Party 

Planning a bachelor party is no easy feat. You need to organize who’s going to attend, where you are going to go, and how long you are going to be there. To have the best bachelor party keep these ideas in mind: 

Ask About Seating Capacity  

Many rental companies have different party buses that range in size. Some can only accommodate 15 people, whereas others can hold more than 50. It’s best to check with the rental company to see their seating capacity. 

However, for bachelor parties, you should always request more space than the number of guests attending. For example, if you’ve invited 25 guests, you should order a bus that seats at least 30 to 40 people. That way, guests don’t feel cramp inside but instead, can move around freely. 

Inquire About Facilities  

Bachelor parties are all about having fun, so party buses need to come equipped to elicit such activities. Ask rental companies, if their buses have Bluetooth speakers, disco lights, and dance poles on board. These facilities will help entertain guests and provide a partying atmosphere. 

Also, inquire if any toilets are available on the bus. Especially if you’re going to be consuming alcohol, it’s best to be close to a toilet at all times. That way, guests don’t have to ask the driver to stop just so they can use the restroom. 

Plan a Route 

As one of the most crucial details in any bachelor party, it’s essential to plan what you’re going to do. That way, guests can prepare for the night ahead and dress appropriately. 

In a recent study, 83% of participants went to a bar/pub for their bachelor party. While only about 37% went to a casino.  

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to bachelor party traditions. You can travel from night club to night club or visit a few adult entertainment establishments. You could even go to a sporting event. 

Just make sure you inform your driver ahead of time of the route you want to take. That way, the driver can organize detailed directions. It would be no fun if the driver were to get lost in the middle of the night due to poor planning. 

Inform the Company About the Event 

Make sure you give the rental company a proper heads up about your event. Some companies specialize in bachelor parties and have unique packages that may suit your needs like decoration setup, music, and even event planning. Always check the company’s bachelor services to see what they can do for you. 

Also, make sure to notify the company of how long you expect to ride in the vehicle. While you may be unsure book at least an hour more than what’s required. That way, guests don’t feel rushed, and you can smoothly transition into returning home. 

Are You Ready to Plan a Bachelor Party? 

To plan a bachelor party, talk thoroughly with bus rental companies. They may be able to set up decorations, music, and possibly help plan routes at little cost to you. That way, you don’t have to stress about putting together the details yourself. 

If you want, you can go on a non-traditional adventure and hop from restaurant to restaurant or go see a football game. Just remember to ask the rental company about seating capacity, types of facilities, as well as the companies terms and conditions. 

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