5 Amazing NJ Limo Party Ideas

June 11, 2016
Limo Party Ideas

5 Awesome NJ Limo Ride Party Ideas 

Party on wheels! This seems to be a trend all over the world. People love the idea of being mobile while partying and there really is no other vehicle perfect for such an activity other than limousines or party buses.

If you’re thinking about having a limo party (or several limo parties) this year, here are some great party ideas you can work with.

       1. A limo ride to see the 4th of the July fireworks.

A hayride to see the stars is popular in the country, but in urban NJ, limo rides can replace the use of a truck or horse-drawn carriage carrying bales of hay, so you, your partner, or your group of friends can see the amazing fireworks on Independence Day. Poke your heads out of the vehicle’s sunroof and see the pyrotechnic display, and keep an eye out for the stars, too.

2. Birthday “telephone.”

Take a cue from the “telephone” series of Buzzfeed. Find out what you want to eat on your birthday — say, cupcakes — and find the best places in New Jersey where you can treat yourself to the best cupcakes. At every cupcake store, ask the owners this: If they weren’t having their own cupcakes, where would they go to eat a cupcake?

3. Glamorous wedding anniversary.

Act like a complete VIP and get dressed to the nines on your wedding anniversary. Rent a limo and enjoy drinks as you and your spouse are taken to one luxurious place after another. Basically, be like a Hollywood hotshot with the love of your life.

4. Super-exclusive bachelorette party.

Nothing’s more exclusive than being invited to or having a bachelorette party that has no fixed venue. The limo can just drive around as you and your girls do all sorts of fun things before you get hitched. One thing’s for sure: If you have your bachelorette party in a limo, it’s going to be hard for “people concerned” to establish your trail and know about your activities.

5. Halloween Hunt.

This spooky occasion is the perfect opportunity to hunt for mysterious and scary things. Gather your friends for a ride around some of the spookiest places in your area and prepare tasks for all of you to do. Once you’re done with your Halloween Hunt, have a grand time trick-or-treating around your neighborhood and feast on your loot, and then watch a scary movie (limos have their own entertainment system, after all) as every member of your group is driven home for the night.

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