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What to Bring To a Party Bus Rental: 9 Essentials

July 9, 2020
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It’s fair to say that people in American like to party. The country’s home to around 62,500 nightclubs and bars that, according to the same source, generate $24 billion in revenue per annum. Clearly, all over the country, people love nothing more than grabbing a drink, letting their hair down, and hitting the dance floor. It’s no wonder the party bus rental industry’s booming.

After all, few nights out compete with the excitement, prestige, novelty, and convenience of being driven around in a party bus. They’re literally designed to deliver the best possible night out!

Nevertheless, it pays to come prepared. Bringing certain things along will guarantee that everybody has a night to remember! Have you just booked a party bus rental for your next big bash and want some ideas on what to take?

Keep reading to discover 9 essential things to bring on a party bus.

1. Party Food

No party’s complete without party food for people to nibble on! Thankfully, the buses you hire will almost always have a selection of food available.

You could choose to self-cater instead or as well, though.

Bringing your own food gives you complete control of the menu and ensures nobody goes hungry throughout the night. Of course, having some food on the bus is also a helpful way to line peoples’ stomachs. That’s always a good idea if large quantities of alcohol are going to be consumed!

Just remember to consider everybody’s dietary requirements beforehand. There’s nothing like a serious allergic reaction to put a downer on the proceedings.

2. Beverages

The same goes for drinks!

Your party bus is sure to offer a selection of beverages from which to choose. However, there’s nothing stopping you from bringing along your own personal favorites as well. Having something with which to wet your whistle will save money in the venue(s) and get the party started well ahead of time.

Don’t forget to bring enough water as well. Staying hydrated is all-important when the alcohol kicks in and the evening wears on. Having plenty of bottles of water available ensures that everybody stays safe and continues to enjoy the night.

Will anybody underage be coming along? Remember to have some soft-drinks in the cooler, too!

3. Plates and Cups

Depending on the food and drink you bring on the bus, having some plates and cups might come in handy as well. It makes everything a little easier and helps reduce spillages/mess in the process.

Disposable options are generally the best bet.

They make the clean-up far more straight-forward and limit the potential for smashes glasses and broken crockery. That’s good news when you’re in a moving vehicle!

4. Endless Music Options

Party buses pack incredible sound systems to blast out the tunes on your night out. Take advantage of this by bringing your phone, MP3 player, or CDS from which to play music.

With your favorite songs playing in the background, you’re sure to enjoy the occasion even more. You could even put together an official ‘party-bus playlist’ in advance!

5. Party Decorations

Party buses aren’t your ordinary minibus.

Expect epic sound systems, party lights, special effects, and all manner of decorative additions that create an unparalleled atmosphere. Why not top it off by bringing your own classic party decorations to add to the mix?

Balloons, party poppers, and confetti could all make the event even more festive.

Just be wary of the mess! The bus company may charge a small fee to clear away any decorations at the end of the night.

6. Essential Personal Items

Certain personal effects always come in handy when you’re hitting the town.

Think phone, camera, keys, perfume, purse, make-up, and so on. Bring along everything you’d usually take on a night out to have the best possible time.

You could also bring a secure bag in which to keep everything. That should stop you from losing your valuables and prevent opportunistic pickpockets from ruining your evening at the same time.

7. Cash

Don’t forget your money!

You’ll have paid for the party bus in advance, but you’ll still need some cash for the night itself. There’s the cost of admission to bars and clubs to cover, food and drinks to buy, and a host of other purchases you might make.

Of course, you could also consider giving a tip to your driver at the end of the evening. That’s by no means essential, but always highly appreciated. It shows they’ve done a good job and rewards them for their efforts.

8. Motion Sickness Medication

Do you, or anybody else in your group, suffer from motion sickness?

Well, think about bringing along some sickness tablets to tackle the nausea. It’s better to be safe than sorry! After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling unwell when you’re trying to have a good time with your friends.

And remember, you could be spending significant lengths of time being driven from place to place.

Throw the effects of alcohol and tiredness into the mix and anyone who gets motion sick’s in for a rough time. Having some medication to take the edge off could make a vital difference.

9. Comfy Spare Shoes

Party buses provide the practical advantage of taking you anywhere you want to go.

Nevertheless, you can still expect long nights on the town to be tiring on your tootsies! Spending hours on the dance floor in your high-heels is never fun for your feet.

Why not bring along some comfier shoes to change into at the end of the night? You can leave them behind on the bus when you hit the bars/clubs to avoid carrying them around. Then, simply slip them on when your feet can’t take any more torture!

Remember These Party Bus Rental Essentials

Party buses provide an unmatched night out for millions of Americans every single year.

You just can’t beat the fun, convenience, excitement, and wow-factor of hitting the town in one- especially when you bring the right things along on the night! Hopefully, this post has highlighted exactly what you need to have the best possible party bus rental experience.

Are you interested in hiring a party bus for your next event? Contact us today to see how we can be of service.