Make Your Vacations Extra Relaxing with Nj Limo Rentals

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When exploring new cities or countries, many seasoned travelers would recommend getting the most raw and unadulterated experience possible. “Raw and unadulterated,” basically, means spending time in the destination living much like the locals would: eating the food they eat, sharing living spaces with them, and utilizing their common modes of transportation (or better yet, […]

Reasons to Be Wary of Cheap Limo Rentals Nj Tourists Should Be Aware Of

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Enjoying all the comfort and luxury a limo rental has to offer depends a lot on the company you choose to hire one from. Certainly, your budget will play a key role in your final decision but you shouldn’t let this be the pivotal factor. If you will select a limo rental company due to […]

Riding a Limo Bergen Nj Locals Experience Being King or Queen for a Day

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Your daily routine is exactly what its name suggests—a series of activities or tasks that you perform day in, day out, out of necessity or habit. For the average adult, that would include getting the children ready for school, preparing yourself for the workplace, immersing yourself in eight hours of work, running errands, making meals, […]

New Jersey Limousines Help Boost Safety During the Holidays

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The holiday season should be all about good food, merriment and joy. It should not be about accidents and emergencies, grief and loss. According to studies, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s day is one of the most dangerous times of the year, with most accidents, especially drunk driving, happening during this brief timeframe. […]

How Renting a Limo in NJ Adds New Thrill to Scavenger Hunts

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There’s a special group of people opting to revert to the basics when it comes to having fun. In this age, where practically everybody has grown too dependent to their smartphones or tablet PCs for fun and recreation, such folks are turning to traditional games. They want to prove that more joy can be had when […]

Some Useful Tips for Families about to Ride an Nj Limo Rental

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People typically think that individuals who often rent a limo are businessmen or employees with such high or important positions that they have to be shuttled in style and comfort whenever and wherever they want to go around a city or state. This may have been true in earlier times when you had to pay […]

The Top Reasons Why a Car Service from Nj to Nyc Is a Great Gift Idea

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Every day, hundreds of New Jersey locals travel to New York to work or for business purposes. This is a well-known fact since New York is still one of the busiest business and economic hubs in the world. Thousands of people work or manage a business here and a lot of them come from the […]

A Quick Guide to Choosing among Limo Companies in New Jersey

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If you and your partner have decided to tie the knot, one of the most important matters that you need to pay attention to is choosing among the different limo companies in New Jersey. If you make the time and effort to pick a reputable company, then you will have one important detail ticked off […]

Limo Rentals in New Jersey for Wine Tours

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In recent years, wine tasting tours have become popular not only among foodies and epicures, but even among couples and families looking for unique experiences. Here at BBZ Limousine and Livery Service, we offer limo rentals in New Jersey for such purposes. If you are planning a wine tour, here are some helpful hints that […]

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