Why a Car Service from Nj to Nyc Is a Great Gift Idea

April 5, 2016
gray limo parked

Every day, hundreds of New Jersey locals travel to New York to work or for business purposes. This is a well-known fact since New York is still one of the busiest business and economic hubs in the world. Thousands of people work or manage a business here and a lot of them come from the Garden State.

Many New Jersey locals choose not to live in New York even if their main place of work or business is located there. The average cost of living is a bit higher in New York than New Jersey. Also, the way of life in New York is much more fast-paced than in New Jersey, NJ isn’t called the Garden State for nothing — it offers more areas where you can enjoy the sun and scenic views and simply relax. Lastly, by road, the travel time between NJ and NYC is just about 1 hour and 30 minutes. A lot of people, therefore, do not find traveling or driving between these two states a huge problem or too bothersome.

Anyone who commutes or drives to NYC from NJ and vice-versa regularly, however, can use abreak fromthis routine. You can give them this much-deserved break by making arrangements for a first-rate car service from NJ to NYC.

The right car service can be the perfect gift idea for anyone who lives in NJ and regularly travels to NYC. Here are the reasons why:

1. It provides the recipient freedom from the stresses of driving or commuting.A car service will give your loved one, friend, or colleague relief from that hectic period of drivingor commuting in the morning and afternoon. Since the car service comes with a chauffeur on hand to handle the driving and parking, the recipient can simply enjoy some time for himself or herself. While on the road, the recipient can take a nap or catch up on some work — things that he or she can’t normally do, especially if he or she is driving.

2. It comes with the services of a professional chauffeur. As already mentioned, car services come with a chauffeur. The chauffeur will be knowledgeable about different routes and can easily avoid areas with serious traffic jams. And if the recipient wants to enjoy a long night out in NYC, he or she can do so without worrying about being too drunk to drive, or about getting a cab to go home. There’s a trustworthy chauffeur who can drive the recipient back to NJ safely, anytime

3. It provides the use of a beautiful vehicle in tip-top condition. Lastly, if you book the service of a leading limo company, you can give the recipient the use of a beautiful, clean, and well-maintained vehicle. This will be especially useful if you want the recipient to travel in style for a special or formal event in NYC.