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Risks of Cheap NJ Limo Rentals Services: Tourist Alert

April 5, 2016
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Enjoying all the comfort and luxury a limo rental has to offer depends a lot on the company you choose to hire one from. Certainly, your budget will play a key role in your final decision but you shouldn’t let this be the pivotal factor. If you will select a limo rental company due to their cheap rates, you may be in for some trouble.

There are various dangers and disadvantages that come with opting for cheap limo rentals NJ tourists should know about. These include the following:

You may be given an old vehicle. Since the rental rates are cheap, the service provider may not have the resources to invest in new vehicles or update their fleet. Your options would also be limited and of course, you will have to choose from old vehicles that may even be lacking in maintenance and repairs.

The limos are inadequately maintained. Limo companies that offer low rates may not be enjoying financial success or even stability. As such, they may not be spending enough to properly maintain and even repair their fleet of vehicles. With cheap limo services, you may discover that the vehicle you hired has a faulty air conditioning unit or interior lights that are not working, a TV or audio systemwhich is broken, it may have a ripped roof or worse, it will stall or break down frequently while you are on the road.

Your hired limo won’t show up on time. Owning, operating and maintaining a fleet of limos properly is almost impossible to do at low rates.When you choose the cheapest limo company you can find, you run the risk of the chauffeur not showing up on time or not in the promised vehicle. There is even a big chance your hired limo won’t show up at all for one reason or another!

The company may not have insurance. To get complete peace of mind while you’re travelling in and around NJ, your chosen limo service should have the right insurance.After all, accidents can happen any time. And the last thing you want to happen is to be involved in a traffic accident wherein you, the chauffeur and the limo rental company are not covered by anyinsurance.

The service provider may not be legally operating. The limo company may not have the necessary licenses or permits to operate a business. As such, they do not undergothe required state-mandated inspections and are providing lackluster services.

With limo rentals, you get what you pay for. If you want to enjoy comfort, luxury and safety limo companies offer, you will have to be prepared to invest in a reasonably priced service.