BBZ limousines & Livery Services fleet for Weddings

BBZ limousines and Livery services has the best fleet for Weddings It has almost 12 Limousines and a party-style Stretch SUV limousine which can cater up to 18 people at a time. 1) 6 passenger Lincoln Mkt Strech 2) 6 passenger Cadillac limo 3) 8 passenger White Lincoln Mkt Stretch 4) 9 Passenger Lincoln Mkt […]

BBZ Limousines & Livery Services – Proudly Recommended By The Grand Events

Wedding Limo Service is Our Specialty Proudly Recommended By The Grand Events  All the plans are made.  The guests have all RSVPd and chosen chicken or fish.  You’re ready to have your cheeks pinched by that “special” aunt and to see your mom cry.  You’re even ready for your notorious uncle Jack, rarely seen by the […]

Voted The Best Prom Limo – BBZ’s Denali Super Stretch

Denali Super Stretch – If you’re looking for the perfect prom limo, there is no better option than the Denali Super Stretch. Disco flooring and a state-of-the-art entertainment system with a DVD player, LCD flat screen TVs, and a high-end stereo complete with Bluetooth connectivity create the perfect party vibe, while luxurious details like Bentley […]

What is “Livery Service”

What is Livery Service? Over hundreds of years, the term livery has acquired different meanings. The term is derived from the French word “livree” which means “handed over.” Essentially, it can mean a uniform, symbol or insignia that a person wears or is painted on an object or vehicle. The French term signified a relationship […]

A Newbie’s Guide to Ewr Airport Service

airport limo service

When people think of their ride going to and from the airport, the last option they would consider is taking a limo. Often, people associate limousines with VIPS and rock or film stars, and that renting limos is too pricey. On the contrary, the price of limousine rental can even be lower than a cab’s […]

Enjoy a Stress-free Holiday Season with Bergen County Limo Services

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The holidays should be about fun and merriment. But instead, you are feeling stressed out due to the frenetic pace of events—all the parties, the shopping, etc. Restore some semblance of balance in your life and minimize stress by taking advantage of Bergen County limo services. For parties Get your dose of fun and merriment […]

Signs That You Need to Go for a Limousine Nj Rental for Your next Trip

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Renting a limousine used to be thought of as a luxury—a nice add-on to a trip or a special occasion. But today, it has become a practical option for many. People have become more mobile and limousine services have become more affordable and accessible, making limousine rental services not just for VIPs and celebrities only. […]

Why Do Top Jetsetters Always Choose to Hire an NJ Airport Limo Service?

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You know who they are: Globetrotting, travel-savvy, jet-setting, on-the-go business travelers. They’re busy, but are able to pull off that “executive presence” easily. Calm, collected, focused, and just a bit amused about the odd behaviors and practices of thehoi polloi. But is their generous business expense account the only thing that makes them different from […]

Limousine Service Bergen County Nj Experts Share Tips for Business Use

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In recent years, limos have emerged as some of the most versatile transportation options available—not only for VIPs, executives and A-list celebrities, but even for ordinary individuals for extraordinary events. However, a limousine service, first and foremost, will always be thought of as the domain of business. Now that limousine services have become more accessible, […]

How a Limo Rental in NJ Can Make a Child’s Birthday Party Extraordinary

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Bouncy castles? Check. Trampolines? Did that last year. Swimming pool party? Already did it three times. Looking for a unique and fun birthday party idea for your child can definitely be exhausting. Even if there are a lot of great party ideas that you can find on the Internet, since birthday parties happen every year […]