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How Renting a Limo in NJ Adds New Thrill to Scavenger Hunts

April 5, 2016
a white parked limo

There’s a special group of people opting to revert to the basics when it comes to having fun. In this age, where practically everybody has grown too dependent to their smartphones or tablet PCs for fun and recreation, such folks are turning to traditional games. They want to prove that more joy can be had when people “disconnect” even for just a day.

One of the old-time games being revived big time is the Scavenger Hunt. For folks who grew up in the eighties, this game is a treat. It reawakens childhood desires of joining the Nickelodeon show “Finders Keepers.” That show is a typical example of a Scavenger Hunt, but people who are making the game trendy again and introducing it to the younger generation are taking it to a much higher level. Instead of being purely an on-foot race, they add new elements to it. The stakes are higher. Plus, all sorts of vehicles are involved. You name it — bikes, golf carts, scooters, ATVs, boats, and yes, even a limo.

And speaking of incorporating an incredibly fancy vehicle to amp up the dynamics or thrill of the game, there are different ways of doing so. For example, if you (the game organizer and facilitator) had rented a limo in NJ as one of the means of transportation for the game, the limo can serve as a game advantage. If a team ends up picking it in draw lots, they secure an edge over competitors. They get a chauffeur who knows how to take them to their intended destination quickly. Likewise, they can strategize better in the car by not having to drive themselves to the destination.

Or, you can take the opposite route. Turn the limo into a game disadvantage by choosing locations with narrow roads that the vehicle can’t squeeze through. You can also instruct the driver to mess with his passengers for fun. This will increase the difficulty level of accomplishing tasks.

Another way of including a limo in the game is by making it the prize for winners. Have the winning team load into the limo for a victory lap set to “We Are the Champions” (by Queen).  Fill the cooler with treats for them to snack on. They can have a mini-celebration in the limo. After that, have them brought to a grand dinner feast at a local restaurant or party area where the other teams will join them for a celebration.

It’s this kind of elaborate and well-orchestrated Scavenger Hunt that will get people to disconnect from their gadgets and connect with people. They will look forward to another game like this, and the cool thing here is that there’s no limit to the creativity that can be injected into a Scavenger Hunt — people can surely make it super exciting every time.