Hiring a Limousine: 5 Events You Must Book a Limo For

hiring a limousine

Think back to the first time you went in a limo. How did it feel hiring a limousine? If you’re like most people, it made you feel like a movie star, if not the most famous person in the world. A special event is a great time to consider special transportation.  Take a look at […]

5 Amazing NJ Limo Party Ideas

Limo Party Ideas

5 Awesome NJ Limo Ride Party Ideas  Party on wheels! This seems to be a trend all over the world. People love the idea of being mobile while partying and there really is no other vehicle perfect for such an activity other than limousines or party buses. If you’re thinking about having a limo party […]

Organizing a Bachelorette Party – A Quick Guide for Bridesmaids

As the bridesmaid, one of your responsibilities is organizing the bachelorette party. Think of this party as your best gal’s last hurrah before she ties the knot – you have to make it memorable for her and the other people in attendance. Organizing a party can be daunting, considering all the things that you need […]

Bachelor Parties Limo (NY) – Ideas for Your Best Bud’s Last Hurrah

You’ve had a good run, but now that your best bud’s getting married, you may have to find yourself another wing man. But before you do that, you’ve got one more thing to do for your best friend: organize his bachelor party. Organizing a bachelor party should not be a confusing or complicated endeavor. If […]

Add Some Swag To Your Boys’ Night Out With An NJ Limo Service

If you are getting married soon, your bachelor party is basically your last hurrah before settling for a more structured and subdued lifestyle. Chances are, the nights earmarked for hanging out with your crew will be few and far in between. And before you get settled, you’d probably want to go all out and go […]

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