The Do’s and Don’ts of Stress-Free Limousine Rental NJ

August 3, 2015

It is a luxurious ride no longer reserved just for the privileged: the limousine.

Not only is it more affordable to rent a limo these days but you also do not need a special occasion to arrange one. You can rent a limo to take your other half to a fancy restaurant, any night of the week. You can also pick up your best friend or loved one from the airport. Or you can rent a limousine so you don’t have to struggle to get a ride to the Teterboro or Newark.

To make sure you experience a stress-free limousine rental New Jersey limo services offer up this guideline.

Do Pick a Legitimate Limousine Service — So Check Permits and Licenses

Limousine services are required by law to conduct background checks on all drivers; even owners of the service who intend to also drive are subject to background checks, to ensure qualification. The service also has to have valid certification, and liability insurance.

Don’t Get a Limo without taking a look at the Service’s Fleet

Legitimate limo services in New Jersey are more than happy to let you check out their fleet. Look at the condition of the limousines. Get inside and take a seat; see if the interior is comfortable and roomy enough. And make sure you do a smell test because some limo services do not bother to really clean up a vehicle even after it was rented for a night of clubbing.

Do Ask What is Included in the Limousine Service

Never assume that the price for a limo rental will be the exact amount that has been quoted. In general, limo services do not include the toll fees and parking you have to pay during your travel. Some of the more dubious limo operators even sneak in charges for cheap wine or champagne and “waiting time.”

If you don’t want any extras like wine or champagne, or even disposable cameras, make it clear with the limo service. And scrutinize your bill.

Don’t Get and Pay a Limousine Service in Full

The USA Limo Guide states that generally, limo companies will require 20 to 50 percent of the total rental fee by credit or debit card. If the company asks you for anything beyond 20 to 50, look for another service.

Do Tip Your Chauffeur

Your limo rental might not include your driver’s gratuity. Unless the driver has not performed well and was, in fact, irresponsible, then set aside around 20 percent of the total rent for his or her tip.