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Enhance your Staycation with NJ Limo Rentals

July 30, 2015

Are you one of those people who want to escape from the usual sights, sounds and routines, but do not fancy the idea of travelling to a distant location? Well, a staycation is a great option for you; you can just make reservations at a nice hotel within the city and be treated like a complete VIP (which you certainly wouldn’t get at home). Dine like a queen, receive spa treatments, and even tour the city as if you’re from out of town.

A staycation is becoming more and more popular as a getaway experience these days because there really are people who don’t want to spend so much time on the road, consuming many hours of their weekend just to get to a particular destination. What they want is an alternative experience that’s easily within reach.

Many hotels and inns in New Jersey are really stepping up to provide a great staycation for this particular market. They strive to be creative with their packages to effectively cater to the getaway needs of their guests; many are known to offer special spa packages for a group of girlfriends, couples, and mothers and daughters. Likewise, their concierges make sure to recommend places within the area that are sure to delight their weekend guests; from new and quirky restaurants that many haven’t tried yet, to special performances, to museums, and so much more. Also worth noting ishow they bring up special arrangements for the tour around the city — they hook up the guests with New Jersey limo rentals because there truly is nothing grander than being driven around the city in a really luxurious vehicle.

Tours around the city in a limo are greatly appreciated by “staycationers.” The experience truly is incredibly different; it’s being able to travel conveniently but in complete style. Limos (well, stretch ones) offer the best comfort and style because there’s a mini-bar inside which is stocked with refreshments. Passengers can enjoy some wine or champagne as they take in the sights of New Jersey before reaching a place they really want to visit. If they want to get some shut-eye during the ride, they can comfortably do so as well because of the long seats.

So, if you’re thinking of a getaway for a weekend and you want new experiences to be easily accessible, consider a staycation and a local tour in a limo. It’s the perfect arrangement for you to break out of the usual grind, and it’s also a fantastic opportunity for you to see the city in a new light.