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Riding in Style to the Big Game

July 30, 2015
Game limo

Once or twice a year you and your friends pack up the team colors and a grill and make the trek up I-95 to the Meadowlands or to your alma mater’s stadium for a big game.

Everything needs to be perfect because, let’s face it, you probably can’t make it out eight times a year for the games. Juggling all that stuff, your friends and possibly family, and making sure everyone has a safe ride home – it can drain some of the excitement when the day finally comes.

There are alternatives though. Instead of one person being responsible for his four buddies on the drive home, consider limo service in NJ for the big game. What if you and your friends were free to enjoy the game and not have to worry about anything other than splitting the cost of the ride – which, with enough people is extreme reasonable?

Finding a Limo Service in NJ

Okay, so the game is this weekend, you’ve collected the funds and you’¢re ready to book a limo, NJ style. Consider for a moment your options. Limousines come in a number of sizes and styles – from an extended town car to a full stretch limo or even a hummer limo. The size of each will affect how many people can go with you, as will things like the food, drinks and music available in the car.

Finding a ride to the game is one thing, but consider what you can do in a full blown limousine complete with stereo system, lights, roll back roof, mini fridge and more. You can turn that memorable annual football game into a truly unforgettable event – one that you look forward to every fall.

Where you’re coming from will also affect the cost and availability of limo service in NJ. If you are close to the stadium, the cost will likely be set whereas further distances add mileage to and from the venue or charge an hourly fee, and often for large groups going to an event like a football game, there will be a deposit for any potential damage to the limo. All standard stuff, but make sure you read the fine print before signing up, especially if youÃ’re the one whose name is on the line for the rental.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Tailgating is great. Heck, simply going to a football game with a group of your closest friends is a fantastic experience. But can you imagine what it will be like to pull up in a stretch or hummer limo, ready to watch your team’s gridiron warriors go to work and not have to worry about parking, traffic or who will be the designated driver?

For a game you only get to once or twice a year, consider limo service in NJ to really make it an event you quite possibly will never forget.