Healthy Snacks to Bring When Traveling in a Limousine New Jersey Nutrition Experts Share a List

April 27, 2016
healthy snacks to bring into a limo

Long road trips in and around New Jersey or from this city to another state would be more comfortable and relaxing if you are aboard a limousine New Jersey locals and visitors will surely appreciate all the top-notch benefits and features that a rented chauffeured limo can offer them such as comfy and luxurious leather seats, spacious legroom, fully functional cooling or heating and entertainment systems, and a mini bar and/or fridge. These are creature comforts that you definitely enjoy while you are on a long road trip.

These long road trips aboard a limo will be even more pleasing and enjoyable if you have some delectable snacks to munch on. The usual treats like chocolates, candies, and chips would certainly satisfy your taste buds but would do nothing for your health and can ruin all the hours you spend working out and dieting to lose weight.

The best kinds of snacks to bring on long road trips are, of course, the healthy ones. Here are some highly recommended healthy snacks you can bring with you while traveling, as shared by nutrition experts and dietitians:

  1. Fruits and vegetables. All fruits and veggies would make great snacks for road trips. However, you don’t want to feel messy or sticky while eating them so avoid fruits that are juicier than others such as peaches (unless they are sliced and you can eat them with a fork). Don’t bring fruits that bruise easily as well, such as bananas. You don’t want to leave any unsightly blemishes on the seat or carpet, so don’t bring fruits and veggies that can stain when you drop them such as berries and cherry tomatoes. Baby carrots, celery sticks, apples, and cauliflower florets are the best organic snacks to munch on. You can also bring healthy dips such as hummus and guacamole to add more flavors to your snacks. You can’t go wrong with munching on dried fruits as well.
  2. Protein-packed snacks. To feel full and energetic during and after the ride, bring snacks rich in protein, too. Some examples of the perfect road trip protein snacks include yogurt, cheese, crackers, energy or protein bars, and turkey jerky.
  3. Some sweet snacks. Lastly, everyone needs to satisfy their sweet tooth, too. But don’t munch on a chocolate bar (unless it’s dark – a healthier option) or some candies. Snack on healthier options such as chocolate covered fruits or nuts, whole grain dry cereal and cookies, and fruit snacks.

To wash down all these snacks, opt for water and other natural fruit juices, such as coconut water.

Even if you’re on a long road trip, you don’t have to miss out on delicious and healthy eating. You will definitely appreciate your limo ride when you bring nutritious and easy-to-eat delicious snacks to munch on.



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