Limo Service – Companies’ List of Luxurious Rides

July 30, 2015

Limousines have a long tradition in culture and society. They exude luxury and sophistication, something that most people covet and strive for. Whether it’s for a simple business function, a grand wedding, or just a night out with friends, a limo will ensure that you arrive in style.

Apart from the classic stretch limousines, there are a few other sedans and utility vehicles to choose from, depending on your needs.Any seasoned limo service NJ companies included,will offer cars in different forms and sizes, with each having a unique element to it. Ringing up a limo service can guide you to the ride that suits you best.

Stretch limousines, from the Cadillac to the Lincoln, are the ultimate luxury cars. The length alone will generate an envious look or an inquiring stare from people you pass by. These limos are spacious and can often accommodate six to 10 passengers (chauffeur not included) and works best for party-hopping with friends. Most limo services are equipped with a mini-bar, guaranteeing that the fun doesn’t stop.

The smaller six-seater also suits businessmen out to impress clients or plainly to travel luxuriously. Remember that a representative, whether it’s the CEO or the president or some other head honcho, is part of the brand that a business sells. Therefore, wherever he or she goes and whatever he or she does is an extension of his brand, and thus a limo will work well with the image he or she is trying to portray.

White stretch limos are also a must-have for weddings. It’s an extra special event in the lives of two people raring to share the rest of their lives together. Couples invest painful amounts of time and preparation for a picture-perfect wedding, and a limo will make sure of that grand entrance the couple has always dreamed of. If a stretch limo isn’t to their liking, there are always vintage cars, which relay a totally different feel to the occasion. Most couples actually go for this option, which pairs well with a rustic theme or setting.

Still, if these cars don’t jive with what you need, limo service companies have room for other vehicles in their fleet. Obviously, most are spacious rides such as the Cadillac Escalade — a modern take of the stretch limo — or passenger party buses that can fit up to 35 passengers. There are also other classy cars like the Mercedes-Benz Maybach or the Rolls-Royce Phantom, which are ideal for people travelling alone or in pairs.