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Limo Rental in NJ: Celebrate Holidays in Style

April 5, 2016
2 girls in a limo

The holiday season brings so much joy and excitement, doesn’t it? Everyone seems in a good mood. The food just tastes better. And parties are everywhere—from your neighborhood to your office to your aunt’s house.

What else could make this season even brighter? A limousine, that’s what.

Why Rent a Limo?

You have your own car so why spend more money on renting another vehicle? It is an added cost and a bit of a splurge but there are benefits to renting limos.

For one thing, you and your family deserve the luxury and convenience of a limo rental in NJ. Limousines can accommodate eight to 10 passengers. There’s no need to take two cars to head to your aunt’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. For another thing, no one has to be the designated driver. Everyone in your group can enjoy an alcoholic drink or two and not worry about getting back home from the office Christmas party.

Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy the holidays when renting a limousine.

Book your limo early.

The holidays can be peak season for limo services in NJ. If you want to get the best Lincoln stretch limo for 10 people, you need to rent it weeks ahead. The best limo services will be booked months ahead even. And if you call too late, you may have to resort renting from less reputable services.

Finalize your head count.

How many people do you intend to ride with in the limo? You want to be sure so you rent the right vehicle. Also, there are laws that regulate the number of people in limos and the best services will comply with such laws. So you cannot insist on squeezing in 14 people in an eight-passenger limo.

Stock the limo with all your favorite treats.

Some limo services may offer extras, like disposable cameras and champagne, to make the ride even more festive. But if you prefer to stock the stretch limo with your own treats, e.g., cupcakes, mulled wine, and the like, then tell your limo service. Alternately, you can ask the limo company if it could provide these items for you when you have no time to get them. But be prepared to pay more.

Tell your chauffeur about destinations.

When you’re heading to multiple destinations, it’s best to let your chauffeur know a day before. This gives your limo driver enough time to prepare, to find better routes and know about the traffic situation, so you get to your holiday parties in time as well as in style.