For A Night Of Partying, Hire A Car Service in New Jersey

June 26, 2016
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Don’t Drink & Drive, Hire a Reliable New Jersey Car Service

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Despite all the serious consequences of getting “turnt,” people continue to dedicate nights to losing their sobriety. Many say it’s a great escape from their often rigid daily routine – it’s nice to just let loose. Be that as it may, there’s simply no denying that a lot of seriously bad things can happen when you go on a night of partying and consume several alcoholic concoctions.

Nobody’s going to stop you from getting inebriated but you have to make sure that you’re not going to be any danger to other people. One clear thing that you mustn’t do when you’re drunk is to get behind the wheel. Everybody knows that lives are lost when people drink and drive.

Therefore, if you’re set to party one night and you know booze will flow endlessly, don’t bother bringing your car. Instead, hire a car service. NJ has harsh penalties for people caught driving under the influence. You can face jail time, fines and penalties and suspension of license. These are all severe penalties already but if you think about them all more thoroughly, all these can negatively impact your life on so many levels.

If you end up going to jail, that’s going to be on your record and it will not speak well of you when you apply for a job. Going to jail due to driving under the influence indicates that you’re automatically lacking good judgment, which is required for practically all corporate jobs. Worth mentioning too is, if you’re a working person, a month to four months of being in jail may just have you sacked. Why should your company wait for you because you made an irresponsible decision?

As for paying fines and penalties – these will set you back financially. It may seem like the amount is not that big but if you’re someone with a lot of financial responsibilities, you really can suffer economically from paying the fines.

Now, when it comes to license suspension, this can be for up to 10 years (or the license can get completely revoked – this will depend on how your case goes). How inconvenient is that? In NJ, public transportation is reliable but it’s just too big a hassle to not be able to drive to places especially for errands.

Most importantly, the life that could be lost because of your mistake – all the penalties will never be able to make up for that.

So, don’t let a night of partying and drinking alter the good course of your life. Hire a car service if you know you’re going to get drunk. If you do this, the only consequence may be a terrible hangover the day after.

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