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5 Fun Uses for a First Class Limo in New Jersey

June 17, 2016
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5 Fun Ways to Enjoy First Class Limo Rides in NJ

One of the things that everybody should get to experience in their lifetime is to ride a luxury vehicle such as a limo. You only live once (YOLO!) and there are cool experiences that you should include in this one-life-to-live deal.

If you’re going to have that special chance to ride a first class limo, NJ rental providers say you shouldn’t just ride — instead, you should get the most out of the experience. Carefully plan where you should go and perhaps include other activities to make the opportunity more meaningful or memorable. Here are some fun uses for a first class limo that you should consider, according to a trusted rental company.

  1. Impress your date.

Even if Julia Roberts’ character in “Pretty Woman” was a prostitute, a lot of girls (actually, not girls, but women) who watched the movie in 1990 dreamt of their beau similarly arriving in a limo with a single stem rose. Josie Grossie (Drew Barrymore’s character in “Never Been Kissed”) even had the same fantasy in high school. Come on, bring back the glorious early ‘90s and channel your inner Richard Gere — you may not be a millionaire boyfriend, but you sure can look the part even for just one night.

2. Have a ladies’ night.

Gather all your gal pals, hire a bartender who can work in a limo, require everybody to get dressed nicely, and get “turnt.” This is a brand of crazy that’s rather responsible because you get a chauffeur that’s completely sober. Clubs are all packed over the weekends, so create your own that is mobile.

3. Go on a mobile movie marathon.

One of the really nice features of first class limos is their entertainment system. Many have flat screen TVs and DVD players perfect for movie marathons. Instead of heading to the theater, make the limo your mobile theater.

         4. Go sightseeing.

You have a trusty vehicle that has various convenience features, so go see the sights like a VIP. Like, how often do you really get to go sightseeing? Combine the opportunity to see new places and take pictures with a very comfortable ride, and a fun day is sure to be had.

          5. Take your family on a classy cruise around town.

Nothing will surprise your family more than being gathered together in a luxurious vehicle just for a drive around town. It’s a simple activity that can easily turn into a really special bonding moment with the people you love. Fun times really should be had with the people who matter the most.