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The secret life of vineyards in the Northeastern USA

 When people think of New Jersey, they probably don’t think of vineyards.  They’re more likely to think of Tony Soprano, or maybe Atlantic City.  But here in New Jersey, we have an open secret – vineyards!  There are almost fifty of them, covering over one thousand acres of the Garden State.  Maybe we should start calling it the “Vineyard State”.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, you need to know that New Jersey is on the map when it comes to wine.  Our wineries have earned numerous accolades from industry leaders.  They’ve been awarded both nationally and internationally.  So when people think of New Jersey, they should be thinking about its fine wines.

Experience New Jersey wine in style.

While New Jersey vineyards have only been around since the 1980s, BBZ Limousine and Livery has been around a long time.  Since 1869, we’ve been providing transportation excellence to New Jersey and New York.  We are the livery service of longest standing in the region, commanding the largest, most diverse fleet of vehicles available.

Our tradition at BBZ is one of luxury, service and excellence.  That tradition sets the standard for everyone at BBZ, from the planners who answer the phone to schedule your New Jersey wine tour, to the chauffeurs who drive our well-appointed vehicles.  We deliver world class service and plush elegance to our guests, treating each and every one like a VIP.

A chauffeur-driven New Jersey Wine Trail.

Whether you’re a trained sommelier, or someone who likes to sip a glass of Shiraz while binge-watching Netflix, we’ve got the tour for you.  Our expert planners will help you build an itinerary that suits both your budget and your taste.  You may not know much about wine, but you know you like it.  Let BBZ Limo take you on a tasting tour to experience what New Jersey wines have to offer.

Our chauffeurs are professionals who know the highways and byways of New Jersey well.  Their knowledge is your ticket to an unparalleled oenophile adventure.  They don’t stop at showing up on time.  Their courteous, knowledgeable assistance is part of the high standards BBZ has modeled for almost 150 years.

Build a personalized New Jersey Wine Trail with one of our planners and come home full of wine and a new found knowledge of the vineyards of New Jersey.  You don’t have to be a sommelier to enjoy a sophisticated day of sipping the fruit of the vine.  Our planners will ensure that your wine tour itinerary is right for you and delivers all the enjoyment you’re hoping for.

Experience New Jersey wines with BBZ.

The secret life of vineyards in the Northeastern USA isn’t as secret as it once was.  The world is discovering that these wines are contenders on an international level.  You too, can experience what New Jersey wines have to offer.  With BBZ, the Wine Trails of New Jersey are yours to explore in style, comfort and elegance.  Call to start building your personalized wine tour.