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5 Extraordinary Ideas for Using Limousines in New Jersey

August 3, 2015

Limousines are accessible luxuries in life. You don’t have to have the net worth of Warren Buffet to ride in one. You don’t need to achieve the prestige of any political or social figure. And you certainly don’t have to have a wedding just to rent one.

You can rent limousines in New Jersey for any occasion, and at any time. But apart from the usual airport pick up or drop off and a swanky trip into the city, there are other uses that boost the fun and enjoyment of riding in limos.

Here are five extraordinary ideas for using limos in New Jersey.

1.The Designated Driver

Partying becomes problematic when no one in your group wants to be the designated driver, which is understandable. Why would you give up the chance to let off some steam after a wicked week at work?

So instead of arguing over who gets to go behind the wheel while the rest get super happy with spirited drinks, all night, you can just get a limo.

2.The Divorce Diversion

It happens. You meet someone, get married, and somewhere along the line, bad things happen and you find yourself signing divorce papers. Why wallow in the past when you can drive off into the future — in high style?

Don’t stay cooped up in your apartment. Call your friends. Pick them up in a limo. And hit all the best spots in town — from brunch to after hours partying.

3.The Good News

Did you get promoted at work? Did you sign a high profile client to your small firm? Maybe you finally got an angel investor to fund your startup? Instead of simply making that excited phone call to your spouse or family, head home in a limo and take everyone out for a great meal or for cocktails.

4.The Romantic Surprise Package

Romance is crucial in any relationship. Whether you’re married or have been living together a long time, you need to create excitement and anticipation to keep the passion alive.

Why not plan a secret getaway with your loved one? Pick him or her up in a limo after work; have champagne and cuddle up as you head to Teterboro for a quick flight somewhere secluded or drive up to Cape May and stay at a B&B.

5.The Best Concert Ever

Finally, when your favorite band hits the tri-state area, you don’t want to have to stress out over where to park your car. By renting a limousine for the night, you not only save yourself the trouble of parking but you get to relax and bask in the afterglow of an awesome night of music in your comfortable limo.