Wow Your Significant Other With A Reliable Car Service in NJ

July 30, 2015

You know she’s a definite keeper and you can’t imagine going through life without her beside you. As such, you should go out of your way to make her feel special and show how much you appreciate her on your anniversary.

Face it — it’s hard to remember dates and anniversaries. But with a little effort and creativity, there are several ways to make your significant other feel how much you care about her. If you’re thinking that binge-watching your favorite TV series and ordering pizza will cut it, better think again. The thing about anniversaries is that each requires different ways to celebrate. Below are some tips to make each anniversary a definite milestone in each other’s lives.

Three Months into a Relationship
Three months into a relationship, you know that what you have between you and your special girl is a serious commitment. As such, take this moment as an opportunity to acknowledge your commitment to one another.

On one hand, both of you can dress up and dine at a fancy restaurant, and on the other hand, you can focus on having fun like going to a comedy show or watching her favorite band or artist perform live. The idea here is to reaffirm your commitment to her and look forward to more months and years together.

First Year Anniversary
A year into the relationship means that you have worked past your differences and have successfully overcome challenges. As such, it is not unusual for your partner to recount your “firsts.”

This is the time to pull out all the stops and give in to all the cheesiness. Schedule a picnic or make a reservation at the city’s top resto and hire the car service NJ residents trust to bring both of you to your destination to make the day more special.

Second Year Anniversary And Beyond
At this point, both of you are past the point of recounting and celebrating your “firsts.” Here, it is critical that you show to her how much you appreciate her. Here, you may even have a family of your own that you can enlist to help you in planning and even gift-buying.

What you want to achieve here is to make each anniversary special, prevent yourself from turning to tried and tested routines and opt for creative anniversary celebration ideas.

When you spend considerable time with a person you love, it’s pretty normal to get stuck on routines. It’s convenient. However, take anniversaries as an opportunity to spice up and shake things up and you’ll end up making your partner happier.