Why Hire a Wedding Party Bus

August 3, 2015

When your big day — the day you say “I do” to the most special someone in your life — is just months away, one of the most important arrangements you need to make is securing the bridal car.

Some couples will want to use their own vehicle to bring the bride to the church or wedding venue, while others will prefer to borrow a friend’s (if it happens to be quite a luxurious one).

For many others, there’s no other option but to rent an iconic vehicle, like a vintage Rolls-Royce, from which the bride can make a dramatic appearance as she steps out with her wedding gown flowing all around her. And there’s no question that a luxurious vintage car or limousine makes for commanding and dreamy photos for the couple’s wedding album.

One option that many couples may not have considered, however, is to hire a party bus. Rental companies will typically have these large all-occasion vehicles in their fleet, and according to the experts, there’s no reason why these buses shouldn’t be used for weddings, too.

Wondering how party buses can make a surprising yet advantageous difference to your special day? Here are some excellent points to consider:

The Designated Driver won’t have to be Someone from Your Guest List. This is perhaps one of the most important benefits of hiring a chauffeured party bus for your wedding — none of your friends or relatives will have to dial down their celebration of your wedding because they have to stay sober and alert to drive everyone to where they need to be on the day. An experienced driver will handle all the issues — parking, filling up, choosing the best routes, and such.

Everyone will have a Comfortable Ride. While luxury and vintage cars are undoubtedly dreamy to look at, countless brides will tell you about how difficult it can be to get in and out of a car when your skirt is made of several thick layers and you have an endless train to keep gathering in your hands so nothing gets tangled.

For photography purposes, a car would be great, but for the rest of the transfers from church to reception and such, getting on and off a party bus, and sitting or standing in its spacious interior, would be a more comfortable experience for brides and bridesmaids in their dresses, and the groom and his groomsmen in their suits. And they can avoid getting their clothes all wrinkled from squeezing into cramped cars, too — they can stay looking sharp and fresh all day long.

Everyone can Arrive on Time, and All Together. One of the biggest headaches during weddings is getting everyone to arrive at the church and reception at the proper time so the event can proceed as scheduled — there will always be a couple wedding party members who will be late because they’re stuck in traffic because they tried a different route, or they came from much farther away. It’s much more convenient to have everyone meet at a single location to get ready, and then leave together for the venue on a party bus. This way, everyone is on time, the entourage is complete, and no one gets lost because of wrong directions.

A ride in a Party Bus can be a Nice touch for Your Guests. Some of your friends and relatives may have come a long way to celebrate your day with you, or may not have private means of transportation, or may have mobility issues that make moving from one place to another difficult. A party bus gives you a chance to provide a comfy and convenient ride as a way of expressing your appreciation of their attendance, and it also allows you to spend more time with them during the transfers.