Why Consider Riding a Limo to or From a Airport

July 30, 2015

Many people associate hiring a limo with luxury — there’s no doubt about that. However, there are many situations wherein hiring a limousine serves a practical and even economical purpose. One such instance is when you are headed for or arriving at a New Jersey airport.

Before you consider boarding a taxi or a shuttle service en route to the airport or to your hotel, consider the advantages of hiring a limo. For one, most limo companies hire and train exceptional and courteous drivers, so that means one less problem during an exciting but anxiety-ridden situation. Compared to a cab or a shuttle, you’ll have ample room to stretch your weary body, especially if you’ve just touched down after a long flight. With a limo, you are assured of both comfort and safety, and you do not have to go through the usual hassles of multiple stops or even waiting for an available cab.

Here are a few crucial tips that will allow you to fully enjoy your next airport limousine service.

Whether you are going to the airport or getting off a plane in one, make sure that, during the booking process, you leave your cellphone number. This will allow the company to get in touch with you should something unexpected arise. If you are arriving from the airport, make sure that you turn on your mobile phone once the plane has landed.

The usual practice of limo companies is to have the chauffeurs wait for and meet the clients at the baggage claim area. The reason for this is that the security measures in airports have become stringent. In particular, drivers are not allowed to wait beyond security checkpoints.

However, there are circumstances wherein you can arrange to have yourself picked up curbside by your limo driver instead of at the terminal. Perhaps you need to catch up with a client for a meeting upon landing, and a curbside pickup allows you to save more time.

Be mindful of the time of your flight. If you are going to an airport for an early flight, make sure to book a limo at an earlier time. Most airports are busy from the morning onwards and arriving early at the airport will ensure hassle-free travels for you. The same thing applies if you are traveling abroad, especially on a Friday night. A few hours before your flight, check whether your flight will be on time or if there are going to be delays. This will give you ample time to call the limo and request to be picked up at a later time.