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5 Things to Remember When Renting Your Prom Limo in NJ

August 3, 2015

The trendy dresses and the tuxes. The elaborate corsages. The promise of a romantic evening. Nothing could, at this moment, possibly be more important than your prom. So it only makes sense that you want everything to be perfect. It could be a prelude to your wedding, after all.

And to make sure you have a perfect prom night, you need the perfect prom ride: the prom limo NJ prom night would go smoothly when a black stretch limo pulls up in your driveway and you are greeted by an impeccably dressed chauffeur, as you get in. To make sure your limo shows up on time, that the ride is luxurious and neat, and that it doesn’t break down on the road, you need to remember these five crucial things about renting your limo for prom.

1.Early reservation is always good.

Nothing ruins a good selection than a reservation made much too late. The same is true for limousines. Know that during peak season, in this case prom season, the best limos get booked fast. If you leave your reservation at the last minute, you could end up with a low-quality service, a bad limo and, even worse, an expensive rate.

2.Permits, insurance, and industry association are crucial to picking the right limo service.

Limousine services are regulated by law, which means the legitimate ones need to have the appropriate permits and carry insurance. They should also be registered with the NJ transportation department. Meanwhile, an industry association would indicate a commitment to a certain standard, which will translate to delivering good services.

3.Take a ride in the limo.

You can take their word for it, but wouldn’t it be better to see it for yourself? As a potential customer, you can ask to see the company’s fleet of limos and to request a test drive or ride. You’ll want to check the limo for features you may want (e.g., sound system, LCD screen, fine leather seats, sufficient space, etc.) to ensure that everything will be to your satisfaction.

4.Know about the package inclusions.

It may be peak season for limousines in NJ but this does not mean you will not have access to money-saving packages. Each limo service will offer unique inclusions to get more business; know about those inclusions. This way, you can make thorough comparisons of each service and be able to make the right choice.

5.Be clear about the rates.

Lastly, never sign a contract of service without being clear on what you need to pay for a certain number of hours. Does the rate come with the driver’s tip? How much do you need to add when you exceed the number of hours? Also, ask if you need to pay for gas and parking charges, if any.