Top 5 Reasons to Do A Girls’ Night Out Using A Car Service

July 30, 2015

It’s ladies’ night — and you’re just thrilled to bits about finally having some fun with your girl friends. You’ve got the date reserved. You’ve got the activities planned out and all the hot spots targeted. You’ve got the glam outfit, the shoes, and the baubles all picked out and ready to go. Your inner Monica Geller (you know, from “Friends”) even has you preparing Thank You cards and little trinkets for the ladies to take away at the end of the night.

One thing is missing in this perfectly coordinated fun: your ride. If you think that winging it by hailing cabs in New Jersey would add to the adventure, you might want to rethink this idea. Instead, get a car service NJ at night would be a lot more enjoyable and safer if you and your girls were hopping from one hot club to another in a sleek town car or a luxurious stretch limo. Here are five reasons to get a car service.

1.You can all get crazy, stupid drunk without worrying about driving back.

A girls’ night out would not be complete without the official libation. Whether yours would be popular cocktails like the martini and the mojito or the less fussy scotch and whiskey, the bottom line is no one in your group should be left out of the drinking spree. So instead of voting someone to be the designated driver, your chauffeur will make sure you all get home safe and sound.

2. Any potential wardrobe malfunction can be fixed before you all head into the club.

Depending on which type of car you rent for the evening, you may be in for a roomy ride. This means that you girls get to fix and mend whatever may be wrong with your outfits. No need to rush into the ladies room at the club just to rearrange your brassiere or make sure your tube top stays put.

3.You will arrive in style.

You know those clubs with the long lines and the velvet ropes? By driving up in a Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Town Car, any snooty woman or big guy in charge of the door will gladly unhook that velvet rope and let you all in without question.

4. You get around the city safer.

Safety first applies to everything in life — and that includes the girls’ night out. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it’s getting really late.

5. You never have to worry about parking.

Finally, the last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re with the ladies is where to park — so your car is safe and you can find it instantly when you have to leave. With a reputable car service, your professional and skilled chauffeur will worry about parking and be ready to drive up to the club or the bar, instantly.