Unveiling Prom Night Limos: 6 Tips for a Stellar Experience

April 5, 2016
prom night

Prom night is magical. Everyone gets dressed up to the nines. There’s music and dancing—and romantic or whimsical decorations in the gym. As the most important dance of your high school senior year, it’s not at all surprising you would want to make the most of the prom experience. And a significant part of that experience is the limo ride.

Now, not all limo services are created equal. Some services will be better than most and promise the best prom night Limousine services that are bad at it will leave you frustrated and disappointed. But there are ways to make sure you and your date have a fun and memorable evening for prom. Here are basic tips that show you how.

Book it Early

Prom night is peak season for limousine companies. If you wait at the last minute to book a service, you might be scraping the bottom of the barrel. That means you may get a not-so comfortable limo driven by a less-than qualified chauffeur.

Avoid the hassle of an ill-chosen limo service. Make your arrangements two to three months before prom. And you will have more time to find the best limo.

Check Out the Limos

Never book your limo without seeing it first. You will want to know the condition of the vehicles. And you will especially want to know the fleet of limos on offer. Your limo service may have only stretch limos. What if you’re looking to get a modern one, like an SUV limo?

Get a Head Count

Limousines are more enjoyable when you share the experience with friends. Know that these vehicles will have a maximum number of passengers. Limo companies are obliged to follow those numbers because they have to abide by the law. Sticking to the number of passengers will not only ensure safety but also comfort throughout the ride.

So before choosing your limo, get a head count if you’re going to the prom with friends.

Ask the Limo Company About Contingencies

Your limo might break down or have a flat tire. These things cannot be avoided but the outcome can certainly be mitigated with careful planning. Your limo service should be able to provide a back-up vehicle to take you to prom and not leave you walking all night.

Ask About Inclusions

Whoever’s paying for the limo should know the inclusions in the rate. Unless the sodas, glassware, and ice come with the package, make sure you’re not paying extra for these items.

Get Your Arrangement in Writing

Reputable limo services will provide a contract for the service. This means that the company is professional and that it values its customers by providing service terms in writing.

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