Guide to Getting Quality Limo Service – NJ To NYC

August 3, 2015

Which is worse: a limo that doesn’t show up or a limo with an ill-mannered chauffeur?

If you’ve been getting both and thinking, well, one isn’t as bad as the other, then you’ve been getting the raw end of the deal when rentinglimousines. Isn’t it time you got value for your money and had absolute control as a consumer?

After all, you’ve picked a luxury vehicle, which means you can expect impeccable service.

Here’s a stress-free guide to making sure you get a safe and lovely ride from a limousine service NJ to NYC destinations).

Consider What “best in price” will Mean for Your Limousine Ride.

It’s not uncommon to choose a service for its cheap price. If you’re on a budget, you can’t help but look for limo services with the “best price.” But before you book the low-cost limo, you should consider if you have the option to wait when the service is late or if you don’t mind a not-so tidy interior. You get what you pay for with a budget limo.

Check Your Limousine Service’s Licenses and Permits.

You’re going from one state to another; you need to know that your limo is licensed for this service. Some states have regulations and specific compliance for out-of-state operators.

So ask your potential service about such documents, check for references, and be thorough because you don’t want your limo ride being delayed when authorities impound the vehicle.

Ask about Insurance Coverage.

Even the most careful chauffeur can get into a fender bender, when pulling out or when on the road. Your limousine operator should have the ideal protection for such incidents. Know that some limo operators only carry personal auto insurance policies, which doesn’t cover you or members of your party who may get injured.

Get all the Details of Your Reservation in Writing.

Details matter when the limousine is for a truly special occasion, when you’ve exhausted most resources to create the most awesome party. And you may have specific requests from your limo service.

To prevent problems during the service, get everything in writing. This ensures that any request you made, with the music or the specific route, is carried out to the letter.

Know Policies on Cancellation and Late Arrivals.

Finally, be aware of relevant policies that could affect your experience with limo rentals. You should know about the rules on cancellation and be aware of your rights when the limo is late.