The Smart Bride’s Guide to Book a Car & Limo for Wedding

April 5, 2016
a bride in a limo

Every wedding, no matter how simple or extravagant, will require a million and one decisions. What to wear. Where’s the venue. How many people will attend. What kind of food to serve. The list goes on and on. That’s why there are actually professionals you can hire to take care of those small and big details, and there’s now a billion-dollar industry that deals solely on wedding planning and organizing.

Traditionally, though, it’s the bride who is on top of all the preparations. While more and more enlightened and modern grooms are now also keen to take an active role in getting things ready for the big day, the reality is that there are still more brides than grooms who are hands-on with the wedding preps.

Among the numerous items that the busy bride-to-be has on her checklist is the transportation set-up for the wedding party. The most popular option is to simply invest in wedding car & limousine services — an option that actually makes sense because of the convenience, glamor and safety it can bring to the occasion.

Renting a limousine for your wedding can make a great day even dreamier. To make sure you get the most out of the experience, take note of the following strategies from brides who have pulled off successful weddingsand ridden off into the sunset aboard a stylish car.

The smart bride is an early bird. Smart brides don’t want to deal with last-minute surprises (except if it’s something sweet from her groom). So she prepares early, does her research and shops around months before the big day. She talks to potential service providers and books the date once she founds the perfect one—before another enterprising bride beats her to it.

The smart bride is a savvy dealer. She never believes in promises unless they’re written on paper and signed by both parties. She scrutinizes the fine print, and is not afraid to ask questions when some things need clarification. Most of all, she doesn’t blush when the talk is about the price. She studies the payment terms and conditions, and may even be bold enough to ask for a discount or upgrades, such as complimentary champagne.

The smart bride is unapologetically OC. She doesn’t mind if she may look like a discriminating customer, because she is. So the smart bride will nicely ask to inspect the actual vehicle in person before signing the contract. She may talk to the chauffeur to be assigned to her party, and get the limo rental office’s hotline so she knows where to call in case an emergency comes up during her special day.



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