Stretch Limo Service – NJ Locals’ Top Choice for Luxury and Comfort

August 3, 2015

Whether you are hiring a limousine to ferry you to the airport, to use on your anniversary, prom, birthday or bachelor party, to impress a valuable client, or for any other purposes, selecting the right type of vehicle will ensure that you have a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Before even contacting a limo company, it is imperative to know ahead how many people will ride along with you. This will ensure that you choose a vehicle with ample room for all passengers and even their belongings.

The renowned BBZ stretch limo service NJ locals depend on offers numerous options for a medium-sized party. Here’s a brief look at BBZ’s fleet of stretch limos.

Cadillac Six-Passenger Stretch

This vehicle can comfortably accommodate six passengers and has a luggage capacity of four. The stretch limo is available in black and silver and has facing and straight six-seating options. It is the perfect vehicle for a night out on the town, going to the airport, or attending business meetings.

Cadillac Eight-Passenger Stretch

This vehicle has a seating capacity of eight and a luggage capacity of four. Available in black, this eight-passenger stretch is fitted with plush leather interiors, CD/DVD player and stereo system, LCD TV, mood lighting, bar area, overhead console, accent lights and chauffeur partition. In short, this is the vehicle for you if you are after comfort, luxury and privacy.

Lincoln Eight-Passenger Stretch

Manufactured by Krystal, one of the world’s premier manufacturer of stretch limos and luxury vehicles, the Lincoln eight-passenger stretch is one of BBZ’s top offerings. Capable of seating up to eight people and having a luggage capacity of four, every detail of this limo speaks the language of luxury, from the leather seats to the aluminum and wood-trim E-style bar to the entertainment consoles and bar. This is the vehicle of choice for people with the mission to impress.

Lincoln 10-Passenger Stretch

If you are looking for a luxurious ride that can accommodate 10 passengers and luggage for four, then you don’t have to look any further. The Lincoln 10-passenger stretch is another masterpiece from Krystal, recognized as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of luxury vehicles and stretch limos. Available in black, this limo has everything that you need to impress your friends or clients – leather three-seat configuration, aluminum and wood trim E-style bar, CD/DVD player and stereo system, LCD TV, mood lighting and accent lights.

All of BBZ’s limos are clean, well-maintained and manned by professional and courteous chauffeurs.