Play the Odds in Casinos and Live It up in Limos in NJ

April 5, 2016
casino party

When the beaches and quiet nights at home no longer make the cut for weekend plans, it’s time for a change. It’s time for a little excitement and a whole lot of glamor. And what better way to start off with such a fun weekend than a drive out to Atlantic City?

Place Your Bets

But instead of just driving your car or taking the bus, you and your loved one can heighten the whole casino experience with the right limousine service. Reputable limos in NJ can provide chauffeured and luxurious rides to the famed resort city in the Atlantic coast.

When you’re riding in the back of an elegant Lincoln Town Car or the classic Cadillac Stretch limo, you can relax or sleep for the hour-long or so ride. What’s more, you have the option to take a few friends along, since stretch limos can accommodate six to 10 people (depending on which limo you rent).

You can also stop worrying about parking because the limo’s chauffeur will take care of it. You also check your email or make calls before you arrive at your hotel.

And you can also do a bit of research on games, in case you want a refresher on black jack, poker, or craps. That is, unless you’re already a seasoned player and you know your way around casinos.

Glitzy Casino Fun

Of course, placing bets and trying your luck are not the only things you should do when in Atlantic City. You can enjoy the rest of what the resort city has to offer. Not only are there plenty of amenities to enjoy, but there are also numerous events to experience, from comedy acts to theatrical shows.

You and your loved one can plan for an evening of glamorous fun. Start with drinks at a modern bistro, then have your chauffeur take you to Wolfgang Puck’s or Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant for a magnificent dinner. But make sure you have reservations so you’re guaranteed a good table.

What comes after a glitzy dinner prepared by celebrity chefs? Clubbing, of course. But if loud dance music isn’t what you have in mind, you could see the Atlantic City Ballet show, especially if you’re already dressed for a gala.

You can get martinis after the show and take a romantic stroll down the bustling Boardwalk.

And if you still have some energy left in you, why head back to your hotel room and sleep?  You can have your limo drive you to a few casinos. It’s a 24-hour city so you’re likely to find the craps tables still filled with people. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll have more luck at 3 or 4 in the morning—so go ahead and roll that dice.