Limo Rides for Christmas Lights in NJ

April 5, 2016
white limo with opened doors

While riding around in a one- or two-horse open sleigh remains to be the top “ride-around” experience that folks look forward to during Christmas, there’s a growing number of people who prefer to be in a cozier and more comfortable vehicle, such as a limo, for the tradition in able to avoid the sniffles during the holidays. NJ limo rental providers claim that they are happy to be part of the tradition and to bring something new to the experience; not only will they provide a warmer journey, but they are also able to provide their clients family entertainment that wouldn’t be possible with an open sleigh ride.

With high-tech entertainment systems, limo services’ clients can watch Christmas movies to really get into the spirit. This is why they encourage all their clients to create a Christmas movie playlist if they’re thinking of having a leisurely drive around  town, either to see the different winter wonderlands of the city, or perhaps to go caroling at friends’ and families’ houses, or to deliver gifts (like a modern Santa Claus) to the homes of loved ones.

Here are five family movies worth watching this season that would be great to include in a Christmas movie playlist for a “drive-around.”

  1. “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl” – This is the story of a 10-year-old girl who works toward her dream of writing for the local newspaper to help her family out financially during the Depression.
  2. “Night at the Museum” – A security guard at the Museum of Natural History witnesses the animals and exhibits come to life during his night shift. It’s an action-packed film that both young and old will love.
  3. “It’s a Wonderful Life” – This is a Christmas classic wherein an angel helps George Bailey realize how “wonderful” his life is despite all the hardships he’s been experiencing.
  4. “The Chronicles of Narnia” – This C.S. Lewis masterpiece tells the story of four siblings who are transported to a land called Narnia and find themselves right in the midst of the action of an ages-long battle.
  5. “The Christmas Shoes” – It tells the story of a 10-year-old boy, Nathan, who finds out that his mother’s dying and it will be their last Christmas together. He works to buy her a special gift.

These are just a few options; there’s still a lot more to consider to make movie watching in the limo a really “Christmas-y” experience. So, if you’re keen on ditching the open-sleigh ride for an extravagant limo ride this Christmas, get your movie playlist ready and you can make your holiday tradition of “dashing through the snow” even more fun (and comfy, and cozy) for the entire family.