Living It Up In NJ – Car Services For The Partying Crowd

July 30, 2015

Whether you stay in town or head on over the bridge to New York City, you can certainly take any celebration up to whole new heights by taking advantage of New Jersey car services. For starters, you get a chauffeur, so good sense and not fear of a DUI will be your main motivation for drinking sparingly. More importantly, you can leave the hassle of driving and navigating to the driver and his GPS, so you and your companions can concentrate on having a good time. Besides the perk of having a chauffeur, you also get style and downright luxury from your choice of car; you can ride around feeling like a celebrity or a VIP. This doesn’t happen very often, so why not indulge in this particular treat?

These are just some of the obvious benefits of using New Jersey car services. You’ll find that it just generally provides an enjoyable experience. If you want to party properly, you’ll need a ride that enhances the specialness of the occasion. What are the most common to-dos that warrant this usually rare privilege?

Stag or Bachelorettes – Married life isn’t devoid of fun and partying, but since this is supposedly the last hurrah before settling down, you really just want to live it up. Such an occasion usually brims with lots of alcohol, so you definitely do not want anyone driving. It’s also a great way to make the future groom or bride feel special, being allowed a luxury such as a limo ride.

Night on the Town – We see videos and pictures of celebrities painting the town red. Lots of them feature movie stars or TV personalities being dropped off and picked up by their limos at cool night spots. The experience can be yours, too. If you want an extraordinary night on the town with your friends, hire a limo to drive you around as you hit all the happening bars and clubs.

Proms and other Dances – This has been the practice for a long time. High school seniors and juniors save up all year for the expense that is prom night. Most of the time, two or more couples share a limo, which works out well for everybody, making the cost of the service more affordable and the experience of riding in luxury more fun.

Weddings – Many times, couples hire a limo for the bridal car, but more and more wedding parties nowadays have now been choosing to hire several cars to cater to the entire entourage. This certainly gives the affair a more privileged feel.

Party Bus – Of course, you can also choose to throw a party in the vehicle itself. Party buses have become very popular venues for various shindigs. You literally get to go all over town while you celebrate.

There are different ways to celebrate, but if you truly want to go all out, make room in your budget for a fabulous ride for the occasion.



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