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NJ Limousine Services: Perfect Vehicles for Your Occasion

August 3, 2015

Selecting the best among the established limousine services in NJ means that you aim to make a statement. Because hiring chauffeured luxury cars is no small expense, people typically reserve such services for truly special occasions, like tying the knot with a kindred soul or meeting with the CEO of your company.

Others, on the other hand, choose to hire limousines for seemingly ordinary moments that deserve to be celebrated and elevated to “epic” status, like taking a dearly beloved grandma on a grand tour of her dream vacation destination, or tipping your hat to a friend’s promotion by throwing a party on wheels.

Making a smart choice

Of course, calling your trusted limousine service to book a vehicle will still need careful planning, particularly in the department of picking a vehicle that will match the occasion in question. Like pairing the right tie with the right suit, the luxury car you select for the occasion should be appropriate — otherwise, the experience, and the statement you wish to make, will be diminished.

Here are examples of highly sought after luxury cars and the best occasions during which to hire them.

The Lincoln Town Car L-Series

This sleek, shiny black luxury vehicle delivers a statement of quiet dignity and professionalism. If you’re in New Jersey for an important meeting with potential clients or to launch a promising new product, you need to arrive at the venue with an air of calm authority. With a cool, spacious interior, all-leather seats, long doors for easy entrances and exits, and tinted windows for privacy, there’s no better car to collect your thoughts and compose yourself before a big business event than the Town Car.

The Chevrolet Suburban

Heading to any destination with a large group doesn’t have to be a cramped, stifled experience. This luxurious SUV can comfortably fit seven passengers, with more space allotted for luggage. Whether you’re having your in-laws driven home for the holidays or taking your small children and their friends to their first out of town trip, the long travel time will pass by in a blur — and everyone will be all snug and relaxed in their seats.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith

Marrying the woman of your dreams will happen only once, so you want her to feel like the dainty, beautiful and beloved princess she truly is. The vintage charm and elegant lines of this classic luxury vehicle are fitting details to the fairytale wedding about to take place. Stepping out of this Rolls-Royce in her flowing gown and billowing veil is something your blushing bride will never forget.

The Cadillac 8-Passenger Stretch Limousine

Bachelor and bachelorette parties, a trip to the casinos to see if you finally get a lucky hand tonight, front-row seats to a long-anticipated reunion concert, a night out in the town — reveling in a luxurious ride is made more exciting when you have friends in tow. In this roomy stretch limousine with its plush leather interiors, bar set-up, and entertainment provisions, all members of your party can sit back and enjoy first-class comfort with drinks in hand, and get to the destination and back home safely.