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NJ Travelers Share Tips for Red-Eye Flights

August 3, 2015

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, during the peak season, you have to contend with a lot of hassles especially if you are traveling by plane. This is why a lot of seasoned travelers opt for red-eye flights.

Red-eye flights refer to flights that depart from airports late at night and arrive at their destinations early in the morning.

These flights offer several advantages that are well worth considering. For one, you can end up saving more money on your air fare.

Additionally, airports are less congested during the late hours. You do not have to deal with long lines and you will surely catch your flight a little more relaxed.

Red-eye flights are also less delayed — a big advantage if you have a full day ahead at your intended destination.

But despite these advantages, there are also several drawbacks to taking these flights. For one, you will most likely lose some sleep. Your transportation options might also be limited. Finally, be prepared for the fact that airport concessions are usually closed during the late hours.

If you are keen on taking red-eye flights, here are some tips that will help buffer some of the disadvantages.

Arrange Your Transportation Early On

As mentioned earlier, your airport transportation for red-eye flights may be limited. As such, when it comes to airport transportation Bergen County NJ locals often recommendhiring a limo service to take them to the airport. This allows them to have an opportunity to rest before flying. On top of that, you do not have to worry about your safety and you can avoid common hassles like waiting for a cab in the late hours or driving with just a few hours of sleep.

Wear Comfy Clothes

Wearing loose and comfy clothes will help you relax better and even enable you to feel more rested during your flight.

Bring the Bight Gear

These may include an eyemask, noise-canceling headphones, and even a blanket. All of these can give you a good measure of comfort and enable you to catch a few winks.

Limit Your Water Intake

During red-eye flights, your goal would be to get as much sleep as you can. One or two hours before your flight, avoid drinking liquids. This will minimize your number of trips to the restroom and even allow you to sleep better. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol and take a light snack. Just remember to drink water when you touch down.