How to Use Limousines for Game Night in New Jersey

April 26, 2016
Ford Fairlane

Game nights are always popular in different locations. Many are taking the advice of wellness professionals to take fun and relaxation as seriously as they do work; so, what better way to have fun than to gather family and friends for a night of friendly competition that will most likely conclude with a gastronomic feast?

While most game nights are typically held at somebody’s house, you can take a grander and more creative route — especially if you have money to spare, or if you really want to boost excitement for everybody that you intend to invite, or if game night coincides with a special occasion.

Limousines in New Jersey are ready to be part of the fun events that clients have in mind. You can rent them to use as a venue for your game night, or as a vehicle for competition.

For example, young people can have different board game competitions in the limo. There are party buses that can be rented which are equipped with tables for simultaneous matches. The party bus can take on the appeal of an exclusive game club in Vegas. The young ones will love the theme, especially if the limo will take them to a really nice restaurant in celebration of somebody’s game night victory.

For adults, meanwhile, game night can mean watching the NBA or NFL championships in the limo as friends are picked up one by one for the ride to a favorite sports bar. This may seem like a very extravagant way of watching sports competitions, but many are die-hard sports fans who are willing to bust a significant amount of money to demonstrate their love for the game and their team in a really special way.

Another popular competition for game night that can use a limo is an Amazing Race competition. Inspired by the top-rating reality TV show, some folks like to rent a limo for their own version of it. Typically, contestants can just use a cab, but for a more sophisticated feel, limos are a much better choice.

Similar to Amazing Race is a big-time Scavenger Hunt. Take a cue from actress Sela Ward who holds this game every year at her family’s barn. Vehicles used for the hunt include golf carts, boats, bikes, skateboards, cars, and of course, limos.

These are just a few ideas; there are still so many other ways that you can use limousines for game night. Just use your imagination and you can provide any kind of game night the fancy edge it needs with the help of a limo.