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How to Save Money on Limo Service in North Jersey Area

August 3, 2015

Limousines are luxury vehicles, there’s no getting around that fact. With luxury comes the finest features you’ll ever see in a vehicle: genuine leather seats, LED screen, state-of-the-art sound system, mini bar, and all the other swell treats that come with the best limos. And what else comes with luxury other than these fine things? A luxury price, that’s what.

When you see a long stretch of black limousine, with its tinted windows and suited up chauffeur, you know that ride must cost a pretty penny. But just because this luxury vehicle can be pricey does not mean it cannot be made affordable. There are ways to save money on limo service North Jersey residents should consider the following tips on stretching the dollar for a stretch limo:

Rent a limousine during off-season.

Like hotels and caterers and other elements required for events, limousine services will have their peak season. What seasons are those? Wedding season. Prom season. Graduation season. Holiday season. Every one of those seasons sees limo services in the North Jersey area with plenty of bookings. The more bookings they get, the pricier the rides.

So, if it’s at all possible, try booking your limo service during off-season. With fewer bookings, you are sure to get discounts or affordable rates on your rented and chauffeured ride.

Book a limo with friends.

What fun would a limo ride be if you were to go it alone? Sure. You will have the privacy you need but then after an hour, you may get bored. Plus, you will have all this room for seating, so you might as well share those seats with people you love.

But renting a limo with a group of your friends could be more than just wanting company. You could also split the rate. With three or four other people sharing the payment of the limousine, you can ride in luxury without the high street cost.

Get multiple quotes.

To find the best North Jersey limo service, you need to get multiple quotes. Ask around. Get references from people who have used the service. And then try to strike up a deal with one service.

Getting each service to compete with one another over the price can help you accomplish this goal. Some limo services may be motivated to give you a special discount when you tell them that the other limo service offers the same limo and extras, for a lower price.