How to Get the Most out of Your NJ Car Service

July 30, 2015

So you have a big event coming up. Maybe it’s your prom. Or a wedding. A bachelor party perhaps? Maybe you’re just bored on a Saturday night and want to do something different. You’ve decided to rent a limo from an NJ Car Service. Immediately, you’ll be showing up in style wherever you go. But, why not take it up a notch? You’re spending the money. Make the most out of it. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Give All the Juicy Details

When reserving your car service, make sure to have all the details ready – the number of people, the length of time you’ll be riding, and the distance you’ll be going. The more details you give, the more prepared the car service will be to hit all the right notes. Most importantly, give them some details about the type of event. They’ll be able to decorate the limo and give you a very unique experience specific to your event.

Choose Your Weapon

Now, it’s time to choose your vehicle. Are you going with elegance and tradition or are you going big and bold with something like a Hummer limo? A lot of that depends on your style. But also consider the event type. For a wedding, you may want to go with elegance (again, depending on your style). For a bachelor party, you’re giving your best bud or gal the night of their lives. Why not blow them away with the Hummer? You can’t go wrong either way but put some thought into it.

The Party on Wheels

Let’s be honest. One of the main benefits of using an NJ car service is getting the party started on the way to the party. Work with the car service to choose what drinks and food you will have in your limo.

Choosing Your Tunes

You know the guests you’ll have in the limo so you should have music they’ll like. But make sure you have a good party mix as well. Work with your NJ car service to have the playlist ready to go when the limo shows up at your door.

Plan Some Pit Stops

Of course, the biggest benefit of having the limo is the luxury of partying while moving around town. But, you might want to plan some pit stops too. Get out of the limo. Show your face. Let everyone know that you’re the one behind the tinted windows. Surprise some friends. Pop into a club. These added memories will really make the night.

Who knows when you’ll ever rent a limo again. If this is the only time, take pictures and create an amazing night that will go down in your memories as one of the best nights of your life. And you never know, it might lead to even more amazing nights in the future with more limos, more good times, and more once-in-a-lifetime stories.