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Tips On Choosing & Inspecting Limo Service Vehicle

July 30, 2015

Some of the most cherished life-changing milestones just don’t seem complete without the limousine. The perfect prom party. The thrilling first date. The dramatic proposal. The wedding of your dreams. The honeymoon of a lifetime. Theexciting family trip. And the significant events in between – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, business trips, get-togethers, concerts, city tours, nights out and more. Taking a limo for these great moments prove that, indeed, the journey can be as valuable and memorable as the destination.

However, not all limos are equal. In busy cities such as NJ, limo service companies with an established name and many years of experience are your best bet, as they can deliver a higher level of service – and better quality of limousines – compared to others. Ensuring you get to experience a fun, efficient and disappointment-free ride depends on how much preparation you have invested and how careful you are with choosing your limo service provider.

Leading car rental companies are able to offer their customers only the best-quality, meticulously maintained limos in their fleet. When you work with a provider with an established track record of providing quality services,you can be confident that you’ll be able to travel in safety and in style every time you use their services.

To further confirm that you’ll have the best ride, experts also recommend checking the vehicle in person before booking it. If the car rental company is really serious about providing quality service and takes pride in their fleet, they’ll be happy and willing to usher you in for an inspection.

Consider the following things to remember when you go to the showroom or parking lot to see the vehicle.

– Check the physical condition of the vehicle. Focus on the body,middle section and bumpersas these are the parts that are most vulnerable to damage and dents.

– Ask the operator to turn the lights off and on, including accessory lighting such as the bar lights. Also, ask the air-conditioning to be turned on so you can assess the temperature and ventilation.

– A few minor scratches would not a big concern, as long as the unit for renthas not clocked over 200,000 miles(especially if it’s a stretched vehicle). Experts say these types of vehicles are not made for rough rides and heavy wear and tear, so it’s best that the rental vehicle you get is relatively new.

– Scrutinize the cleanliness of the unit. Don’t just look at it – smell it. A vehicle with clean interiors, spotless carpet and upholstery, sparkling clean glassesand disinfected surfaces will smell good and fresh, not old and musty.

– Check for compliance. The license plate should be displayed in the right positions according to state requirements. The license number should bear the right sequence numbers and official stamps. Permit stickers should also be positioned where they will be most visible, if required or applicable.