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5 Things That Could Go Wrong with an Airport Service

July 30, 2015

Would you rather be stuck at the airport or at the DMV? It turns out that the DMV is the 10th circle of hell (Dante didn’t live long enough to add it to his nine circles of hell) because most people would rather be stuck at the airport than endure waiting at the DMV. The thing about the DMV though is that you don’t have to do it more frequently than flying. And when you have to be at a New Jersey airport more than the average person, you might ease the stress with a luxurious treat — like getting airport limo service.

Whether you’ve arranged for a pick-up at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) or drop-off at Teterboro Airport (TEB), know that the comfortable and stylish experience could be washed away with problems. Here are five possible problems you might run into with your NJ airport service — avoid them when you can.

1.You fail to read your contract and so now you end up paying for charges you didn’t think you had to pay.

Granted, when you rent a limo for airport service, it means you’re loaded or, at the very least, have excess funds to splurge a little. But this posh expense should not put you on a “spending spree.”

So before you get a particular limo service, read your contract thoroughly and make sure you have an itemized list of what you need to pay: toll fees, gas, parking, etc. Also, don’t neglect to know about cancellation policies and fees so you won’t have any problems should there be a change in your schedule.

2. The limo service you hired is not licensed to operate.

Every transport service is required by law to obtain the appropriate licenses and permits. If the limo service you hired is operating illegally, you could get stopped by traffic cops and be late for your flight — or worse, not be compensated for the limo service’s mistakes.

3. Your limo driver might not have gone through a rigorous screening process.

Your limo driver might not be a professional and licensed chauffeur. This could mean traffic violations, fender benders, getting lost on your way to the EWR or TEB—or some other unfortunate event.

4.You pick the wrong limo.

When picking your limo, you’ll want to make sure it suits your travel needs, from legroom to suitcase quantity. If you’re traveling with more than, for example, four large suitcases, the Lincoln Town Car might not be sufficient for an airport service. You don’t want to be crammed in the backseat with extra suitcases.

5.The limo is too old or not maintained well.

Lastly (and this is why you need to choose the right licensed limo service), a vehicle that is way too old and/or not maintained well could lead to breakdowns while you’re trying to catch a flight to the airport.