Essential Tips When Getting A NJ Airport Limo Service

July 30, 2015

No one wants to ever miss a flight. Not especially during the holidays. You not only have to stick around a crowded and noisy airport, but also… you have to stick around a crowded and noisy airport! Not exactly what anyone would call ideal or enjoyable.

So the sensible thing to do would be to arrive early by preparing what you need, by getting out of the apartment or the house fast, and by getting a NJ airport limo service. When you get a limo service to the airport, you arrive in style and you arrive on time. But before you choose any old service in the Garden State, you should consider the following tips.

Always check your limo service’s credentials.

Limo services are required to get the appropriate licenses and permits before they can operate; your limo driver should also have the requisite licenses. The law also mandates limo rentals to get proper hire insurance. The proper credentials ensure that you are using a legitimate service and that you will be transported safely to your destination — in this case, the airport.

When you have the time, have a look at the limo service’s fleet of cars.

All good limo services would be more than happy to take you through an inspection. If you truly want to do your homework, you can do the inspection weeks before you have a scheduled flight. Stop by the limo service. Consider the options you’ll have access to: stretch or SUV. Ask to check out the interior of the limo; you might even ask for a quick spin around the block, just to see if the ride is to your liking.

Know what you will be paying for before you hire the service.

Usually, you’ll be asked a deposit of 20 to 50 percent of the total rental fee. You shouldn’t have to pay the full price upfront. Also, you might want to confirm what comes with the price. Do you need to pay for road tolls? Does the quote come with the driver’s gratuity? Should you be expecting bottles of drinks? If so, can you skip out of the bottled drinks and bring your own?

Now, if you’re taking a loved one to the airport, it might be nice to throw in flowers with the service. The right limo rental could arrange this for a reasonable rate.

Make sure you’re ready when the limo arrives at your doorstep.

Finally, be a sport and be ready to head out the door when the limo comes. You don’t want to still be grabbing stuff and throwing them into your luggage while the chauffeur waits out on the curb. This is just going to stress you out, which defeats the purpose of having a luxury ride to the airport.



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