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Don’t Miss that Bus! Corporate Shuttle Service in New Jersey

October 22, 2019
corporate livery service

It’s estimated that Americans take 488 million business trips every year. If your company’s been busy, then your workforce has probably contributed its fair share to the statistics.

Whether it’s driving across the state to meet clients or jetting across the nation to attend conventions, both you and your employees are busy bees. While you can handle logistics yourself, why should you? There are professional companies that can do it for you, both in style and luxury.

If you have business events coming up and need transportation, then you should consider a corporate shuttle service. Here are some reasons why you need it!

It Upholds Your Corporate Image

Corporate image is one of the most important assets for your business. It shows what your business stands for and is how the public perceives you.

If your employees are seen getting around town in a ratty vehicle, people may have the perception that your company is either cheap or can’t afford nicer cars. This may turn your corporate image into a less than optimal one.

Maintain your decor and professionalism by using a corporate shuttle service. These companies usually have a fleet of upscale vehicles that look sleek, modern, and chic.

When your employees pull up to the venue, everyone can see them step out of a car that reflects your corporate image. It can give the best first impression possible, especially if they’re meeting new clients.

This can set the stage for a successful deal to go through. You can even offer these transportation services to your clients so they can also get back home or to the airport in style and comfort.

Improve Relationships with Your Clients

Like we said, being picked up and transported in a nice vehicle can be a great impression on your clients. But it can also help you improve your relationships with them as well.

If you ride in a cab, you may not feel comfortable discussing business matters, as there’s no privacy. It’s also usually quite cramped.

Corporate shuttle fleets are equipped with large, spacious vehicles that have partitions to give you privacy. You’ll be free to chat with your clients about important matters.

It Gets You to Places on Time

If you’re going to a new city, it may be difficult trying to navigate the streets, especially if you’re driving during heavy traffic hours. Even if you plan ahead of time, traffic can be so bad that it makes you late for your meeting. In the professional world, it’s simply unacceptable to show up late, even if things were out of your control.

Don’t leave punctuality to chance, particularly when you’re in a new environment. Corporate shuttle companies will be very familiar with the area. They’ll know when to pick you up and what streets to take so you arrive at your destination with plenty of time to spare.

It’s Safe and Secure

When compared to cab drivers, chauffers for corporate shuttle service companies go through rigorous background checks. Plus, they also go through extensive training to provide the best services in both driving and customer relations.

You can count on these professionals to not only pick you up on time but to get you to your destination in one piece. If you’re constantly in fear of your life because of risky cab drivers, fear no more. Corporate shuttle drivers will make you feel right at ease from the moment they pick you up to when they drop you off.

You Get Some Time to Work

Most business people are swamped with work. While they travel, it’s not unusual to see them sitting with an open laptop while waiting at the airport or sitting on a train.

If you have to drive yourself to the airport and then to the meeting venue, that’s a bunch of time eaten up that you could use to prep instead. You can get a lot more work done when you have someone else drive you.

However, if you sit in a cab, it’s usually cramped and gives you a bumpy ride. These are hardly the optimal conditions for you to work efficiently.

Corporate shuttle services provide you with a roomy vehicle where you get a smooth ride. You’ll be able to get calls done and paperwork filled out in the time it takes for you to get to your destination.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Trying to make sense of a new city can be very stressful. Add the exhaustion from a long flight or train ride, and you’ll be frazzled by the time you get to your hotel.

This can’t ever bode well if you’re going to meet clients or partners after freshening up at your hotel. You won’t be in the right state of mind to fully focus on the tasks at hand.

When you travel in style and comfort with a corporate shuttle service, you can sit back and relax. You won’t have to figure out the complicated map of an unfamiliar place, nor will you have to try and beat the traffic on your own.

When you can quiet the thoughts in your head, you’ll be calmer and more levelheaded to handle your upcoming meeting. This ensures your performance is top-notch and that you’ll seal the deal with an important prospective client.

Get a Corporate Shuttle Service for Your Next Events

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring a corporate shuttle service. Not only can it offer you a reliable way to get from one place to another, but you can also impress clients with your professionalism as well.

So the next time either you, your employees, or clients need to get to and from somewhere, consider using a corporate car service instead of driving yourselves. When you get to ride in luxury, you won’t want to go back to how things were before.

Looking for a corporate shuttle service near you? Then request a quote from us today!