Bergen County Limos: A Festive Christmas Alternative

July 30, 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. The holidays are just a few weeks away and different parts of the country are already experiencing the first snow of the season. Everybody’s already gearing up for their break from school and work to finally spend some much needed cozy, quality time with loved ones. All sorts of activities are lined up, even for those who do not subscribe to the “faith-based” context of the holidays. Families plan to go ice skating in frozen ponds, sledding, riding a one-horse open sleigh to a festive winter picnic — basically, family traditions come alive during this glorious time.

Speaking of the traditional open sleigh ride, this is a very rare opportunity for many; it’s hard to find one to hire, plus it is often impractical considering how cold it is outside and the sleigh only has seats for, at most, four people. If you want a good alternative that’s grand but warm, Bergen County limos are worth considering. It’s a somewhat different experience, but it will take you and more people around to witness the natural beauty of the season; you can stop at many places, and take your time to enjoy the different activities offered by these stops.

Of course, it doesn’t have the traditional charm of an open sleigh but think of it as a much safer option that offers some qualities similar to those of an open sleigh ride, and a bunch of new ones that you and your companions will also delight in. A limo ride also presents the opportunity to create a new winter/Christmas tradition for you and your company, because it’s roomier and it has components that a sleigh doesn’t. You get a great sound system if you rent a limo; you can just crank up some Christmas tunes and save the world from noise pollution, if you and your company are not blessed with the heavenly voices required for carols. If you have children, you can even play a classic Christmas movie in the limo because it has a TV and DVD player. Now, if it’s just you and your adult friends, you can request the limo service to stock the cooler with champagne that you can share during the ride to your intended destinations.

Another really cool thing about opting for a limo ride instead of a sleigh ride is you can actually bring more stuff — like if you’re going to have an outdoor picnic, the limo’s trunk is spacious enough for all the food and even a sled and toboggan.

So, if you’re ready to try something new this Christmas season, consider renting a limo for a ride to your winter destinations.