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That Bell is Ringing for You, Buddy

Ding Dong.  It’s for you!

The time has come for you to wed.  You are about to take a massive (and terrifying) leap over the broom and into an eternity of being joined in Holy Matrimony to the woman of your dreams.  You know what eternity is – right?

You’re in love, so it’s all good.  You can do eternity, no problem.  You’re ready to jump off the edge of bachelorhood and into a lifelong commitment.  For the time being, though, you’re a bachelor and one for the road is entirely in order.  It’s time for your bachelor party and to sow the last few wild oats available to you for – ever.

At BBZ Limousine and Livery, we know getting hitched is a big, heavy deal. Some of us here have even done it ourselves, and we’re still around to tell the tale.  We know how important that last night out as a wild stag is to you, friend.  That’s why we offer those about to be joined in marital bliss a safe, fun way to sow those final, precious wild oats.  At BBZ Limo, we create bachelor parties for the ages, because eternity is a long, long time.

Our savvy drivers.

Our savvy drivers have been around the block more than a few times.  They know where to find the right clubs, restaurants and bars to make your bachelor party one you and the boys will be sharing secret smiles about for years.  You and your band of brothers can kick back and party.  We’ll do the driving and make sure those wild oats don’t take out an eye while you’re throwing them around.

BBZ’s elegant fleet of vehicles can contain the wild oats of a few, or many.  Chill in luxurious comfort, as your savvy driver guides you on your adventure in the plush comfort one of our town cars, stretch limos and party buses.

Making it happen.

BBZ Limousine is the most trusted limousine service for bachelor parties in the northeastern USA for a good reason.   We go well beyond showing up on time and being outside when you and the boys stagger out of the club, ready for the next wild oat-throwing session.

Our world class service offers our guests premium luxury, discretion, and unparalleled service.  All our guests are VIPs.  That means you, bachelor!  At BBZ, we know bachelor parties are pretty darned special.  We are aware you need to chuck around a few wild outs before people starting chucking rice at you, on the big day.

At BBZ, we take your ideas and push them off the hook, bringing you the kind of concierge support that makes bachelor parties occasions to remember.  When you’re about to get hitched (like, forever), that’s important.  We’re also licensed and insured, so your party can enjoy the night, worry free.

Prepare the last of the wild oats!

Let the experts at BBZ Limousine take you out for a night you’ll talk about for years to come.  Call us.  Let’s throw some wild oats around (safely and comfortably).