Choosing Limo Companies in NJ – A Quick Guide

April 5, 2016
a set of limos one standing right next to the other

If you and your partner have decided to tie the knot, one of the most important matters that you need to pay attention to is choosing among the different limo companies in New Jersey. If you make the time and effort to pick a reputable company, then you will have one important detail ticked off your task list.

But how do you choose which company to hire for your wedding (or any other occasion)? Here are a few important things to look for.

One of the important things to remember when you are looking at different limo companies is that each company is different. You might think that these companies are hardly different from one another and that you should not bother paying too much attention.

The truth is, companies do differ from one another. Reputable firms do a lot of things behind the scenes, including cleaning and maintaining their limos, ensuring accurate dispatch, and training chauffeurs to provide a high level of service.

One important aspect that you should pay careful attention to is the quality of the vehicles offered by limo companies.

You have to make sure that the limo company strictly adheres to pertinent rules and regulations. For example, limos should have license numbers placed on the front and back bumper. This license should be issued by the state. If you are choosing a sedan, the vehicle should have a livery plate.

As for the actual vehicles, there are a few things that you should carefully note. For one, it is preferable to choose a vehicle with low mileage. The higher the mileage, the higher the likelihood that it will encounter unexpected breakdowns on the road.

Looking at the body of the vehicle, you should not find unwanted signs like scrapes or dents. If you are getting a stretch limo, you should not see signs of rusting in the middle portion. As for the bumpers, it is okay if these have minor scratches; it’s only typical, even for well-maintained vehicles.

Step inside the vehicle and check if the lights are working. The interior should be clean, including the carpets. The bar, including the glasses, should be spotless. Although it is normal for limos to get dirty, a responsible limo company ensures that the cars in their fleet are immediately cleaned up after each use.

The vehicle should also smell good. In fact, if the limo smells musty, you should opt for another company. This smell may be caused by an interior leak or may be due to ice bins that have been allowed to get dirty.