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6 Clever Ideas for a Party Using a New Jersey Limousine Service

February 2, 2016

Limo parties are incredibly popular nowadays. Generally, everybody loves the idea of a limo party, but the biggest fans are tweens and teenswho find stretch limos super elegant and just the perfect size for their group of friends. Plus, with the help of their parents, there are all sorts of possibilities they can explore for a limo party.

So if you’re thinking of hiring a New Jersey limousine service for your child’s swingin’-about-town party, here are six clever inspirations that you may use.

Make it something to really dress up for. Since the world’s rich and famous are usually driven around in limos wearing high-end clothing, provide your child and her guests the same completely elegant experience. Require all of them to dress to the nines, as if they were going to an exclusive event. And instead of giving out regular party invites, create customized limo passes.
Since limousines don’t really have individual seats, create a seating arrangement right away by placing party favors with the guests’ names on it on specific spots. Party favors will be like table place cards—only fancier, more useful and overall more delightful.
Set up a spread. A limousine service is quite pricey, but you can reduce the overall cost of the limo party by preparing the party spread yourself and only preparing one of each treat for the party goers. You can really control costs this way since you will not have extra food that will just most likely end up being wasted or thrown away after.
Turn it into a red carpet event. Lay a red carpet out on the path leading to the street curb where the limo will be parked. It’s really going to contribute to the “splendor” of the party.
Be sure to take pictures as the hostess and her guests walk the red carpet. This will give them a taste of Hollywood red carpet events and have them all feeling incredibly special.
Try a limo scavenger hunt. Don’t let the party be just all glamor, because young people don’t like that. Make the trip a game that all of them can take part in successfully. Draw up a list of things that the hostess and guests must “collect” during the drive around such as a pine cone from the park, a selfie with grandma (if her house is one of the stops for the party), purchase receipts from a local café, et cetera.