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5 Awesome Ways To Better Enjoy Your New Jersey Airport Limo

July 30, 2015

If you dread going to the airport and traveling by air most times, then you must be doing something wrong. Listen, not everyone has the luxury or gets to be lucky enough to travel, and go to different destinations. So if you have been blessed with such a life, then you need to change the way you travel — or at least how you approach it.

You can start by taking a limo service instead of a cab or getting a friend to drive you to the airport. A New Jersey airport limo can make your travel dates more appealing, and to make sure that you fully enjoy the entire experience, here are five awesome ways you can turn this luxurious ride even more enjoyable.

1.Choose the right limo service.

You have to get the best limo service, otherwise you risk getting a chauffeur that might not be qualified for the job, and a vehicle that might not be too comfortable to ride. So how do you find the right limo service?

Look for a good reputation. A good limo service will be spoken of highly by previous and existing clients. It will also have the appropriate licenses and credentials to operate as a limo service in the State. And it should get back to you promptly when you have made an inquiry.

2.Pick the right limo.

Limousines will vary. Some limos might be better suited for weddings and others for really ostentatious parties. Remember, you are headed for the airport. It doesn’t matter if it’s the EWR (Newark) or TEB (Teterboro). You do not want to be too lavish.

Choose a limo that has enough room for you and your luggage, or if you’re traveling with other people, that it has sufficient space for everyone to ride comfortably.

3.Know about the extras.

The beauty of riding in a limo (other than it’s a limo!) is that you get to have access to all the little extras, like drinks (a flute of champagne or a shot of whiskey to calm the nerves before boarding your flight?) and Wi-Fi (so you can do a bit of work before getting to the airport). But clarify with your limo service if the extras are included in the quoted rate or if you have to pay more to get them.

4.Bring your own music.

Instead of listening to your favorite tunes, with earphones, why not revel in the majesty of your kind of music by playing it in the limo?

5. Be ready when the limo shows up.

Lastly, don’t add stress to your day by running around the house to get your luggage in order and to do some last minute packing. Be ready to head out the door when your limo comes because stressing out will defeat the purpose of your luxurious and comfortable ride to the airport.