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Why Limousines?

Why Limousines?

Basically, a Limousine is a vehicle that has been converted and extended to over 4-5 meters or even longer as a large, chauffeur-driven luxury vehicle with a partition between the driver compartment and the passenger compartment.

Limousines are considered one of the Luxury vehicles that are used in several events or elite people usually have them for their daily use. As they are a simple statement of making an impression that the guy sitting in the vehicle has a lot of money or is not an ordinary person.

But over the decade this trend has decreased now mostly they are used for weddings, airport services, funeral services or usually for night outs.

Top Limo Makes and Models

  1. Chrysler has been one of the most ubiquitous names in the world of American limousine car manufacturing
Used Chrysler 300 ad : Year 2014, 22373 km | Reezocar

2. Cadillac

Royale Limousine | Cadillac XTS | a Cabot Coach Builders Company

3. Mercedes Benz

Armored Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard Limo: PICTURES

4. International

International LIMO - Henderson Executive Airport, NV USA | Flickr

5. Ford

Ford Explorer Limo Still Has Three-Row Seating, And It's For Sale