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A difficult time made a little easier with BBZ Limousine and Livery.

There’s so much to attend to when a loved one passes.  As though the sadness weren’t enough, there are legal matters, belongings to sort and so many other details.  Funerals are occasions of great gravity for the families and friends of those who pass.

At BBZ Limousine and Livery, we’ve been providing livery service for funeral processions for almost 150 years.  Established in 1869 as Berkemeyer Livery Service, BBZ Limousine knows that families need reliable transportation help for the funeral of their dearly departed.

With so much else on their shoulders, we seek to lighten the load with reliable livery service that’s discreet, sensitive and professional.  As you and yours say your last goodbyes, we’ll ensure timely service and professional discretion.

Grief is a heavy emotion.  At BBZ, we offer the comfort of worry-free transportation for grieving families.

Our funerary fleet.

As the oldest livery service in the tri-state area, BBZ’s fleet is also the largest.  It encompasses dedicated vehicles for funeral corteges, featuring Cadillac and Lincoln hearses, as well as nine passenger limousines for the family.

All vehicles in our fleet are immaculately maintained and professionally warehoused to ensure enduring quality and comfort.  Our staff is expert in providing the most meticulous detailing and mechanical maintenance to ensure that your loved one’s funeral cortege will honor the memories of family and friends, as well as the life of your loved one, with seamless transportation.

Expert coordination and professionalism.

Because we’ve been in the business for so long, BBZ Limo has developed longstanding relationships with area funeral homes.  Those relationships allow us to work closely with your funeral director to ensure that all goes as planned, as you say your goodbyes.

Our drivers also serve as able-bodied pallbearers, modelling the gravitas appropriate to the solemn occasion.  All drivers are liveried in black to honor the deceased and the family and friends left behind.  Their discretion and sensitivity are part of the professionalism BBZ demands of all its drivers.

Their expertise extends to an intimate knowledge of regional roadways and routes to funeral homes and cemeteries.  Our chauffeurs are well-rounded professionals who will answer the needs of your funeral party with the greatest deference to their emotional state at such a difficult time.

Livery service above and beyond.

Relatives arriving for the funeral from out of town can be transferred from regional airports in a timely, professional manner and transferred to specified locations.  BBZ Limo will ensure their ultimate comfort.  Our attentive chauffeurs will treat them with deference and sensitivity.

Because we’ve been in the business of serving grieving families for almost 150 years, BBZ Limo’s awareness of the importance of funerals and the emotions of those grieving is beyond what’s usually expected of a livery service. We raise the bar, in honor of the deceased and surviving family.

We all know loved ones pass, but when they do it’s never easy.  BBZ Limo is here to make funerals easier for the grieving and to offer discreet livery service to your loved one’s funeral.  Call to talk to one of our professional planners.